“NC “KAZAKH INVEST” carried out actions to form a Public Council in the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Public Councils", as well as the realization of the instructions of the Head of State on the creation of Public Councils in the quasi-public sector with the involvement of members of civil society.

The purpose of the Public Councils is to express the views of civil society on socially significant issues, organize public control and ensure transparency in the quasi-public sector.

Members of the Public Council:
Ashykhatov Talgat Ashykhatovich
Director of the Financial Service of the “National Company “KAZAKH INVEST” JSC
Yessenov Marat Sagintayevich
Deputy Director-Representative of the Company for Interaction with Government Bodies and the Public of the Service Support Department
Tillubay Sanzhar Abdibagytuly
Director of the Department of Strategy and Digital Development of the "National Company" KAZAKH INVEST " JSC
Ustenov Adilzhan Omargazievich
Freelance Advisor at Samruk-Kazyna Invest Limited Liability Partnership
Saidnasimov Marat Abdulazizovich
General Director of the company "AEUROELECTRIC KAZAKHSTAN LLP"
Malibekov Serik Zhandarbekovich
Project manager of the limited liability partnership "Kazurkenproekt"
Maykhiev Ali Kabievich
Deputy Director of the limited liability partnership "Nurbat and K"
Kozhbanov Erkabyl Zhaksylykovich
General Director of Tulpar-94 Limited Liability Partnership
Aryngazin Askar Kanapievich
Professor of the International Department of Nuclear Physics, New Materials and Technologies, Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov
Zhanabergenov Timurkhan Kudaibergenovich
Chairman of the Public Council
Independent Consultant on International Technology Transfer, Project Manager of the Poultry Project Management Limited Liability Partnership
Contacts for interaction with the Public Council:

Secretary of the Public Council of the National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC - Ainur Nurlanovna Abduakhitova a.abduakhitova@invest.gov.kz

Chairman of the Public Council

Zhanabergenov Timurkhan Kudaibergenovich t.zhanabergeniv@invest.gov.kz

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