Small and medium business

Business Incubators

  1. A business incubator is a legal entity created to support small businesses at the stage of their formation by providing industrial premises, equipment, organizational, legal, financial, consulting and information services.
  2. Business incubators are created to assist in the formation and development of small businesses.
The objectives of the business incubator are:
  1. selection of small businesses for placement in a business incubator;
  2. Providing educational, marketing, consulting and other organizational and management services to small business entities.

Property support for small and medium-sized businesses:

  1. Subjects of small and medium-sized businesses can be transferred into trust management or rent of state-owned objects not used for more than one year for organizing production activities and services, with the exception of trading and intermediary activities.
  2. Control over the implementation by small and medium-sized businesses of the terms of the lease agreement or trust management is carried out by the relevant state bodies authorized to dispose of the republican and municipal property.
  3. Subjects of small and medium-sized businesses, with the exception of entities engaged in trading and intermediary activities, may be transferred into the ownership of state property objects and land occupied by them, leased or trust management for the organization of production activities and the development of the public services after years since the conclusion of the contract, in the case of fulfillment of the conditions provided for by it in the manner determined by the central authorized body of state planning.
Business Incubators

"Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund" JSC - is a state fund in Kazakhstan, the main goal of which is to stimulate the formation and economic growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to increase the efficiency of using state funds allocated to support small and medium-sized businesses.

Types of financial support:
  • concessional lending through second-tier banks as part of targeted programs for regions and individual industries, microcredit through microcredit organizations;
  • subsidies mean reduction of interest rates on business development loans issued by banks;
  • guarantee means provision of a partial guarantee as collateral for bank loans.
Types of non-financial support - implemented in the Business Service Centers:
  • free seminars and master classes in core business areas;
  • free consulting and service support in major areas of business and government programs to support SMEs.

Thanks to the launch of the state program “Business Road Map 2020” since 2010, the range of business support tools through Damu Foundation has been significantly expanded. In particular, subsidization of interest rates on loans to small and medium-sized businesses, guaranteeing loans to small and medium-sized businesses was launched, as well as the large-scale implementation of training programs and consulting support for small and medium businesses.

National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Atameken RK - is a non-profit organization. Created to strengthen the negotiating power of business with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and government agencies.
The Chamber of Entrepreneurs represents the interests of small, medium and large businesses, encompassing all areas of entrepreneurship, including domestic and foreign trade. The main task of Atameken is to protect the rights and interests of business and ensure wide coverage and involvement of all entrepreneurs in the process of forming legislative and other regulatory rules for business operations.
Activities are aimed at improving the business, investment climate, stability, development of business conditions in the country, both for national and foreign investors.

Main features:
  • representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs;
  • conducting public monitoring of entrepreneurial activity, business conditions in the regions;
  • participation in government programs to support and develop entrepreneurship;
  • support domestic production and increase the share of local content in the procurement of organizations;
  • training, retraining, advanced training, certification and certification of personnel, the development of technical and vocational education;
  • stimulation of foreign economic activity of business entities;
  • investment attraction and economic diversification.

Moreover, the National Chamber advocates the active involvement of Kazakhstan business in the implementation of state programs. It protects the interests of business circles in government and local authorities, expands and strengthens ties with the business community of foreign countries, and also supports Kazakhstani business in the framework of integration processes.

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