European investors intend to produce “green” hydrogen in Kazakhstan

European investors intend to produce “green” hydrogen in Kazakhstan

Foreign investors consider Kazakhstan as an attractive destination for major renewable energy projects. The results of the study of the country's potential in this direction were reported by the management of the Swedish-German concern SVEVIND Energy GmbH during a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of KAZAKH INVEST Meirzhan Yussupov.

As representatives of the foreign company noted, to date, preliminary design has already been determined and carried out on the most favorable land plots, each of which is designed to produce 10 GW of green energy, with an increase in capacity to 30 GW in the future.

The activities of our company are aimed at long-term investment of our own and attracted resources, as part of the development and further development of green energy projects in Kazakhstan. We plan to implement projects in the production of wind and solar electricity, followed by the production of hydrogen and other "green" raw materials. Our projects provide for the operation of wind and solar power plants outside the electrical grid. However, they can provide dispatching and partial redirection of reproducible «green» electricity for the state electric power system, as well as for power supply of Kazakh enterprises. Hydrogen, “green” ammonia and other environmentally friendly products produced in Kazakhstan can be exported to ever-growing markets such as Europe and China in the future”, noted René Pfort, Development Director of SVEVIND Energy GmbH.

In turn, Meirzhan Yussupov underlined that the production of hydrogen is a promising and important direction in the light of the transition of the European Union countries to a hydrogen economy. In the near future, it is planned to support environmentally friendly hydrogen technologies not only in the electric power industry, road and rail transport, but also in ferrous metallurgy, petrochemicals and aviation.

Hydrogen energy is very productive, technological and efficient to use. This energy resource can be used in transport, everyday life, energy and the railway industry. All of this contributes to the advancement of low-carbon development. The promotion of low-carbon development is in line with the strategic direction of development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the obligations undertaken in the framework of international agreements. Through the development of hydrogen energy, Kazakhstan can get its niche in the world supply of hydrogen”, Meirzhan Yussupov noted.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to organize a number of meetings with representatives of authorized state and local executive bodies, as well as to consolidate efforts towards the implementation of innovative projects in Kazakhstan.

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