2.2 billion tenge invested by Turkish investors in a plywood plant in North-Kazakhstan region

2.2 billion tenge invested by Turkish investors in a plywood plant in North-Kazakhstan region

Turkish investors, with support of National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Turkey, have implemented an investment project for timber processing in the North-Kazakhstan region. Akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov, director of RCE Atameken Arman Urazgulov and regional director of KAZAKH INVEST for North-Kazakhstan region Daniyar Shalabayev took part in the opening ceremony of the enterprise.

The production organized on basis of the former workshop of the Petropavlovsk pipe plant. According to experts, about 18 thousand cubic meters of laminated plywood will be produced annually at the new plant with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters. The project, with total cost 2.2 billion tenge, will provide jobs for more than 150 people.

“A high percentage of localization is important for us. Therefore, basically, we are planning to buy Kazakh timber, which has high quality. The laminate will be producing and delivering from Germany. We purchase equipment from Turkey, Germany and Russia. We pay attention to the quality of our products. Therefore, we use advanced technologies for steaming, gluing and pressing. Today products from Russia are widely used in the Kazakhstan market. We hope that Kazakhstani products will be able to replace imported goods”, said Oguzkhan Celik, director of Northern Plywood Plant LLP.

The plant will use modern processing technologies, the whole process will be automated. Warehouses are also equipped on the territory of the plant.

 “This plant will work to meet the demand not only in our region, but also for sales throughout the country. By attracting a foreign investor, a unique production will be created in the region. KAZAKH INVEST provided support at all stages of the project. In particular, with our assistance, the company has got an investment contract and received exemption from customs duties on the import of expensive equipment”, Daniyar Shalabayev said.

Laminated plywood is widely used in monolithic construction and for the manufacture of formwork. Such products are in great demand in the Kazakhstan’s market. This is the first project of this kind in the North-Kazakhstan region.


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