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Agro-industrial Complex (AIC)Niche projects
Achievements and advantages of agro-industrial complex in Kazakhstan: Extensivel land resources
Pastures 180 mln ha.
Arable 20 mln ha.

Geographical proximity of markets, with significant capacity

EurAsEC 170 mln people
China 1,3 billion people

Current export of theagro-industrial complex is$2,4 billion

*Source: TradeMap.
Low labor - average wage.
400$ (officially KZT 100 000 )

Which is much less than in the EU and the countries of Europe.

State support - tax preferences in the line of MID RK, subsidies in the line of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK.
Grain Production and Export

Kazakhstan is among the top 5 exporters of wheat grain

On average, 7-8 million tons of wheat grain per year

Grain Production and Export - Kazakhstan is among the top of exporters of wheat grain, according to the report of the International Council on grain (IGC) of July 2, in the season 2017/2018 Kazakhstan exported 8,4 million tons of wheat, in the last season of 2016/2017, exports amounted to 7,4 million tons.

Main areas:

  • Uzbekistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Italy
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
Flour Production and Export

Kazakhstan is among the three largest exporters of flour- on average, up to 2.3 million tons of flour per year. The main directions - Afghanistan, more than 1.5 million tons, Uzbekistan - 0.6 million tons.

Production and export of oilseeds
Kazakhstan exports on average
Up to 1million tons oilseeds per year.
among the top three world leaders of flax seeds producers
Production and export of poultry meat
Currently Kazakhstan produces
Up to 170tons of broiler meat
among the top three world leaders of flax seeds producers

That is 50% of the domestic market capacity, while in case of opening the Chinese market, growth potential will be up to 1 million tons of broiler meat.

Production and export of cattle meat
Currently there are about
5 million cattle
in Kazakhstan, while the growth potential is
to15 million cattle

Taking into account the needs of the nearest sales markets - the Russian Federation and China. It is necessary to solve two main tasks - to improve the gene pool of broodstock and solve the issue of pastures irrigation in order to increase their productivity. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan allocates subsidies for the purchase of pedigree cattle, for the purchase of equipment for irrigation of pastures.

Increased irrigated land

Currently, the area of irrigated land in Kazakhstan is 280 thousand hectares. Irrigated lands are highly productive and equal in productivity to 6-7 hectares of rainfed land without irrigation. Kazakhstan has the potential to increase irrigated land of up to 1 million hectares; this requires serious investments in the infrastructure of irrigation systems — canals, aryks, reservoirs, pits, pumping stations, dams, etc.

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