The Productivity of Zharma Cement Plant will Increase to 1.2 Million Tons Per Year

The Productivity of Zharma Cement Plant will Increase to 1.2 Million Tons Per Year

In the Zharma district of Abay region, the cement plant is being reconstructed and modernized with an increase in annual production to 1.2 million tons. The project is implemented with the support of national company KAZAKH INVEST.

According to press office of the national company, in 2021, the Singaporean company International Cement Group opened Sharcem LLP in Kazakhstan (60% of the assets of which belong to the Singaporean company, the remaining 40% to the Kazakh side). The company purchased an idle cement plant in the Zharma district of the East Kazakhstan region for 7.1 billion tenge (about $16 million). The plant at that time belonged to Kazakh Cement LLP and was pledged to the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Nartai Beisekov, Regional Representative of KAZAKH INVEST, noted that the project is aimed at implementing the Industrialization 4.0 Strategy, increasing the export of construction materials of Kazakh production and providing the domestic market and the Central Asian countries with the main building material, which corresponds to high quality and environmental friendliness.

The project uses advanced technology and first-class technical equipment that meets the best world standards, including systems for increased emission filtration and dust collection devices. It is planned to introduce an intelligent DCS system to control and monitor production processes. The main product of the enterprise will be cement produced in accordance with International Technical Standards 31108-2016 and International Technical Standards 10178-85 with grades (M400, M450, and M500).

“The modernized plant will use an advanced dry method of production, as opposed to the outdated energy-intensive wet method, as well as energy-efficient solutions and technologies that minimize the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, I would like to note that cement is a natural material, which includes such natural components as clay, gypsum, crushed stone, water. Neither chemical reagents nor metals are involved in its production,” said Nartai Beisekov.

The volume of investments in modernization will preliminary amount to 9 billion tenge with the creation of 700 jobs for the modernization period, and more than 300 during the operation period. The preliminary completion date for the modernization and commissioning of the enterprise is the third quarter of 2022. Production will reach its full design capacity in 2023.

In addition, in 2020, the Kazakh-Singapore enterprise has already implemented a project to build the only cement plant in the Almaty region with a capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. The amount of investments is 47 billion tenge.


International Cement Group is a leading cement manufacturer and is listed on the main floor of the Singapore Exchange. The main activity of the company is the production, sale and distribution of cement.

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