State support in exchange for quality and affordable products for citizens: Alikhan Smailov speaks to farmers in Kyzylorda region

State support in exchange for quality and affordable products for citizens: Alikhan Smailov speaks to farmers in Kyzylorda region

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov arrived on a working visit to Kyzylorda region to familiarise himself with the progress of socio-economic development of the region, address topical issues and visit key infrastructure, industrial and social facilities.

Thus, Alikhan Smailov got acquainted with the activities of Orda Glass Ltd. factory producing flat glass with capacity over 197 thousand tons per year. The enterprise was launched in October this year in the framework of the National Project "Sustainable Economic Growth Aimed at Improving the Welfare of the People of Kazakhstan". The necessary engineering infrastructure (power, water, sewerage, gas, communication line), as well as roads and railways were built. Currently, 370 people are employed at the plant. The products are sent to other regions of the republic and there are plans to export them.

The Prime Minister stressed that the commissioning of the glass plant will boost the development of the construction industry not only in the Kyzylorda region, but throughout Kazakhstan.

"Such production allows us to significantly reduce construction costs and our dependence on imports. This year, 160 new projects have been launched in the industry. The government, on its part, is ready to continue to provide all necessary assistance to such enterprises," Alikhan Smailov said.

Further, the Prime Minister visited the rice processing plant Magzhan & Co LLP with an annual capacity of over 33 thousand tons of products. The enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech equipment and is controlled through a unified automated system.

The Prime Minister also visited the plant "Assol" to produce iodized food and technical salt, which is intended for the domestic market and partially for export. In 2021 the company was recognized as a winner of President's Award "Altyn Sapa" in the field of quality of products and services.

Alikhan Smailov noted that the Kyzylorda region is the main producer of rice in the country (90%) and is the leader in salt production (97%). Investment in the region's agribusiness sector grew 8.5% this year, with 250 new projects underway. At the same time, he said, we should strive to ensure that the country is fully self-sufficient in food products.

Head of the Government also met with heads of agricultural enterprises of the region. Farmers voiced a number of industry issues, including the provision of irrigation water and expansion of access to modern agricultural machinery for rice farmers. Alikhan Smailov listened attentively to agricultural producers, stressing that the solution of problematic issues of the agro-industrial complex is in the focus of attention of the Government.

"The Government provides a lot of financial support to the agricultural sector. However, it is necessary that producers for their part offer people high-quality and affordable food products," the Prime Minister said.

Source: Official Information Source of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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