Board of Directors

Mrs. Aizhan Naurzgaliyeva

Independent Director - Member of the Board of Directors of the Company

Mrs. Aizhan Naurzgaliyeva was born in 1968 in Almaty city.

In 1992 she graduated with honors from the Kazakh State Academy of Management (Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov) with a degree in economic and social planning, specializing in economics and social planning of the agribusiness. In 1994, she studied at University of York (Toronto, Canada) and did an internship at the consulting company Hatch Associates Ltd. In 1997 she graduated from the postgraduate course of the Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov.

Since 1993 to 1994, she worked as an economist, chief economist of JSCB "Kaztransbank".

Since 1994 - Leading specialist in the Department for Analysis of Infrastructure Projects of the National Agency for Foreign Investments of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 1994 to 1996 - Leading specialist of the Project Analysis Department of “Eximbank Kazakhstan” JSC

Since 1996 to 2002 - Senior lecturer at the Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations of the Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov.

Since 2002 to 2003 - Expert of “Sana Consulting” LLP.

Since 2003 to 2012 - Economist of the Budget Department, Head of the Long-Term Planning Department, Deputy Director for Economics and Finance of the “Rakhat” JSC.

Since 2012 to 2017 - Vice-president of the Association of Legal Entities “Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan”.

From September 2017 to the present - President of the Association of Legal Entities “Kazakhstan Association of Sugar, Food and Processing Industries”.

From June 2019, she is a member of the National Scientific Council in the priority area of ​​science “Sustainable development of the agribusiness and safety of agricultural product”. 

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