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Stanislav Shcherbakov, Managing Director of Investment Projects at Sharcem.

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Good afternoon. I am Stanislav Shcherbakov. I am the head of investment projects ALACEM, KORCEM, SHARCEM, AQTOBECEM. The collaborative Kazakh-Singapore holding company implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our main strategic partner is International Cement Group, whose shares quoted on the Singapore Stock Exchange. On behalf of our entire team, I would like to express my gratitude to the team and management of the KAZAKH INVEST national company. For the support provided in the implementation of our investment projects related to the construction of cement plants in Kazakhstan. One of our projects – Alacem, has been successfully completed in Almaty region, directly with the support of KAZAKH INVEST. About 43 billion tenge of foreign direct investment has been disbursed. The plant with a capacity of 1.2 million tons of cement per year launched in 2021. 650 new jobs have been created. This is the newest modern plant in Kazakhstan for the production of Portland cement, which is the most popular product in the construction sector. To date, the company is successfully operating and is strategically important and city-forming for the Almaty region. Also in 2021, we started implementing three similar projects. Already in 2022, this year we predict the launch of a cement plant in the East Kazakhstan region, and by 2024 the launch of production facilities in Aktobe and Zhambyl regions. I would like to note that KAZAKH INVEST national company is fully committed to its mission of creating the most favorable conditions necessary for the implementation of the investment project. KAZAKH INVEST team at all levels provides assistance and support to companies in investment activities, in obtaining investment preferences. Thanks to joint initiatives, modern Kazakhstan is becoming a convenient and attractive investment platform for the implementation of industrial projects. This is the basis of Kazakhstan's economic growth and will have a multiplicative effect in all spheres. We highly appreciate your contribution to the common idea and are happy to continue cooperation with you on the promising projects started together. Thanks.

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