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Launch of OECD Project on Diversification and Competitiveness Strategy

Launch of OECD Project on Diversification and Competitiveness Strategy

During the launch of the OECD project on Diversification and Competitiveness Strategy, Ermek Kosherbayev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and William Tompson, the Head of OECD Eurasia Division, gave opening remarks as well as shared project overview and objectives. Yerlan Khairov, the Chairman of the Committee on Investment, discussed the ongoing work to attract foreign investments and results over the past few years.

Marat Birimzhan, the Deputy CEO of Kazakh Invest, spoke on Kazakh Invest’s role, mission as well as activities and its results under the country’s Investment Promotion Strategy. He stressed that Kazakh Invest plays a significant role in fostering Kazakhstan’s image as an attractive investment destination and generating more FDIs. Marat Birimzhan also mentioned various initiatives and strategies to attract more FDIs from “investors targeting” and offering “packed” investment proposals to significantly simplifying investment procedures while acting as a single contact point.

The OECD project was launched in accordance with the agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and OECD. The objective is to enhance policies for attracting FDI and maximise local businesses’ ability to benefit from inward investment. The project launch was attended by Government officials, the representatives of local businesses, associations, non-Governmental organisations as well as international financial institutions, such as World Bank, EBRD and ADB.

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