GÖKNUR GIDA plans to establish a large fruit processing plant in Kazakhstan

GÖKNUR GIDA plans to establish a large fruit processing plant in Kazakhstan

Turkish GÖKNUR GIDA considers the possibility of implementing a large investment project for the production and processing of fruits in Kazakhstan. In order to familiarize foreign investors with the potential of the industry, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Turkey together with KAZAKH INVEST organized their visit to Kazakhstan. During the visit, in the first half of July this year, with the support of local authorities, investors got acquainted with the gardeners’ businesses in Turkestan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions.

According to investors, the project involves planting of over 8 million fruit trees on the area of ​​5 thousand hectares. They plan to implement the project in several phases over the period of five years.Annually, it is planned to develop orchards on 1 thousand hectares:  700 hectares of apples, 100 hectares of pear trees as well as100 hectares of sour cherries and 100 hectares of sweet cherries. Investors plan to establish a closed-loop production.

“Our company is focused on the production and processing of fruits from tree to a dining table. Thus, in Kazakhstan we want to create an integrated model starting from planting fruit orchards using modern agricultural technologies to develop raw material base and train local farmers. For the next phase, we plan to organize fresh fruit packing enterprises, a plant for production of fruit juice, concentrates and premium juices as well as nectars, smoothies, fruit bars and dried fruits. In addition, we consider the possibility of building a plant for generation of electricity and production of fertilizers from biogas as well as establishing feedlots for 20 thousand of livestock. We intend to implement this project with a reliable Kazakh partner with the support of the Government of Kazakhstan”, - said Osman ASLANALI, the General Director of the company.

As a member of the delegation, one of the best Turkish agronomists Dumanoğlu Hatice visited Kazakhstan for testing the soil for suitability. In addition, she provided consultations to the local gardeners on increasing the yield and quality of the products. 

GÖKNUR GIDA is one of the largest exporters in its sector and has access to the markets of the USA, Europe and other countries. Therefore, investors plan to export about 70% of products manufactured in Kazakhstan.

“Food production is a priority sector of the economy in Kazakhstan that offers a wide range of the government support measures, including tax and customs preferences, investment subsidies. We shared with investors about these opportunities at the beginning of the negotiations. During the visit, we presented territories for growing gardens with high yields and introduced them to the potential Kazakh partners. We will carry out work on structuring the projectas well as on other issues voiced by the investor”, - said Madi Kanafin, the Project Manager at KAZAKH INVEST.

It is worth noting that as part of its activities, GÖKNUR GIDA grows apples, pomegranates, pears, apricots and peaches on a total area of ​​2500 hectares. The company established 8 production facilities in Turkey as well as fruit storage warehouses in the USA, Europe, Iran and Russia. In addition, investors conduct research in the field of fruit and vegetable breeding.

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