Investment Projects

Extraction and processing of rare metal ores of the Drozhilovsky deposit

  • Indicator Results
  • Investment amount, thousand US dollars 88 556
  • NPV of the Project thousand, US dollars 332 269
  • IRR, % 46,6%
  • IBITDA yield, % 30%
  • Payback period, years 6,6
  • Discounted payback period, years - - 7,0

Project Description:

Extraction and processing of rare metal ores from the Drozhilovsky deposit in the Kostanay region

Marketable products and production volume for the entire Project implementation period:

  • lithium concentrate-2490 thousand tons (lithium-149 thousand tons) molybdenum
  • trioxide-176.6 thousand tons (molybdenum – 118.3 thousand tons)
  • artificial scheelite-62.26 thousand tons (tungsten trioxide-48.6 thousand tons)
Potential markets:

Russia, China

Market prerequisites:

Growing demand for rare metals - Global demand for tungsten is projected to grow over the next 10 years (CAGR 5.3%), since tungsten is very much in demand for the further development of the manufacturing and automotive industries. Lithium consumption will also increase significantly − lithium batteries are widely used in the growing market of electronic devices and electric vehicles.

Rising metal prices - Over the past three years, the average price of lithium oxides has increased 2.5 times due to rapidly growing demand. Average prices for molybdenum oxide increased by 20% over the same period. Currently, prices for tungsten derivatives are rising again.

Availability of raw materials - Kazakhstan is in the first place in terms of tungsten reserves (63% of world reserves). There are significant reserves of molybdenum and lithium.

Reserves of the Drozhilovskoye field

Reserves, million tons
Metals, thousand tons Content, %
W Li Mo W Li
Proven 140 263 64,3   0,19 0,05  
Calculated 131 77,5 88,3 121 0,06 0,03 0,45
Assumed 300 150    150 - 0,05 0,05        

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