Investment Projects

Modernization and expansion of the network of nephrocenters

  • Indicator Results
  • Investment amount, thousand US dollars 5117
  • NPV of the Project thousand, US dollars 34076
  • IRR, % 58,6
  • EBITDA yield, %
  • Payback period, years 3,6
  • Discounted payback period, years - -


Outpatient dialysis department - 155 thousand procedures

Department of the round-the-clock hospital and emergency department - 7 thousand procedures and consultations

Department of Nephrology - 12 thousand procedures and consultations


Within the framework of the Project, it is planned to modernize existing medical centers in the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as expand the network of nephrocenters. With the expansion and modernization of the network of nephrocenters, it is planned to repair the premises, upgrade and purchase new equipment and medical equipment. The project provides for the expansion of medical centers in Karaganda (up to 550 sq. m), Aralsk (up to 300 sq. m), as well as the opening of a new branch of the nephrocenter in Karaganda on the basis of a regional clinical hospital with an area of ​​450 sq. m. m., Petropavlovsk (up to 450 sq. m.)


B.B.Nura is a Kazakhstani network of nephrocenters providing a full range of nephrological services. In 2011, the first outpatient dialysis center was opened in Karaganda, and within 10 years the number of centers in Kazakhstan increased to 20, where more than 1,000 patients are treated. All centers are equipped with B.Braun Avitum AG hemodialysis equipment, Herco Wassertechnik water purification systems, LIKAMED hemodialysis chairs.


  • Expansion of capacity and entry into new markets. Growth in the geriatric population, rising health care costs, and rising disposable income may be driving the growth of the market. To date, there are no centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan that provide a full cycle of nephrological care, post-transplant monitoring of patients in the hospital. The opening of new centers in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan will allow us to occupy a niche and improve the quality of life of patients throughout the country.
What is the attraction of the project?
  • Developed system of branches and a wide supply chain. Kazakhstan network of nephrocenters B.B. NURA has been providing a full range of nephrology services since 2011. Currently, there are 24 nephrology centers in 8 cities of Kazakhstan, where more than 1,000 patients are treated and there are more than 200 "artificial kidney" devices.
  • Highly qualified personnel and own service department for equipment. The company has more than 1,000 medical employees who undergo continuous professional development. High-quality equipment from the world's leading manufacturers (B.Braun Avitum AG, Herco, LIKAMED, TeDeCo) is serviced by our own service department.
Investment proposal

The Project requires funding in the amount of USD 5,117 thousand, including:
  • 70% (USD 3,582 thousand) – debt financing (subject to availability of collateral);
  • from 30% (1,535 thousand US dollars) - investor participation.
The proposed financing structure and state support measures are indicative, the final financing structure and the stake in the Project will be determined based on the results of joint negotiations with the investor.

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