Success Story

«EuroChem-Karatau» LLP

Project name: Construction of a plant for the production of mineral fertilizers and development of deposits of the Karatau phosphorite basin in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Production capacity: not less than 1 million tons of miners. fertilizer per year
Investment: up to $ 1 billion USA
Number of jobs: up to 2,000 new jobs (including related industries)
General information: to date, the company "EuroChem" implemented the 1st stage of the Project, worth 126 million dollars. US, with the creation of more than 450 new jobs, which includes:

  • mining complex with "smart quarry" system, production capacity up to 660 thousand tons of phosphorite ore per year;
  • construction of the first stage of The chemical complex for ore processing, in particular the unit of medium crushing and fine grinding, with a capacity of 640 thousand tons of phosphorite flour per year.

Currently, "EuroChem-Karatau" LLP is conducting preliminary investment and investment activities for the implementation of Phase 2 of the construction of a Chemical complex, worth up to $ 750 million. ($131 million). US already invested) with the creation of up to 850 new jobs, which suggests:

  • increase in production capacity to 1.3 MMT / year, as well as increase in crushing and grinding capacity of 1.1-1.2 MMT / year of phosphorite flour;
  • construction of a Chemical complex for the production of high-quality fertilizers from phosphorites using the technology of hydrochloric acid decomposition.

In addition, $ 22.0 million was paid. (Out of $ 40 million). Social contributions for the development of social infrastructure of Sarysu and Talas districts of Zhambyl region.

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