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Gong Jae Yuon, Founder of Jon Ban MetallProm LLP

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Good afternoon, dear residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Allow me to introduce myself, I am one of the main investors in the project for the processing of zinc-lead waste from metallurgical production. Our company began its activities in 2018 in Shymkent, but due to more interesting proposals from the local executive authorities of the Zhambyl region, we decided to move to the Taraz city. There, we were provided with full information about government programs in terms of doing foreign business. At the same moment, the national company Kazakh Invest joined, which assisted us in including our project in the Map of Industrialization of the Republic of Kazakhstan, helped to establish relationships with the financial institutions of the region, the Akimat of the Zhambyl region, and so on. In this connection, we would like to thank the Kazakh Invest National Company for its assistance in resolving the issues.

But we still have a lot of work to do in Kazakhstan, we will create new jobs, build new technological lines that will bring an improvement in the investment climate in the Zhambyl region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole. I would like to once again separately thank the National Company Kazakh Invest, as well as the Akimat of the Zhambyl region with the prompt resolution of our issues, which helped to implement our industrial project in Taraz.

Yours sincerely, Gong Jae Yuon

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