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Oguzhan Chelik, General Director of the Severny Plywood Mill

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My name is Oguzkhan Chelik. We have a plywood production plant in the North Kazakhstan region. The investment of the plant was started in 2019 and the plant began its activities in mid-2019. Since the investment of the plant, the regional executive body, «NC «KAZAKH INVEST» JSC, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ankara have provided great support. Thanks to this support, our investment quickly turned into production. We have been producing laminated plywood in the region for about 1.5 years. I can note that 30% of the market uses plywood of our production. The plant went into production as a result of an investment of $ 8 million. The factory employs 150 people. Not only at the beginning of the investment, but also today the state provides support. We are planning new investments in the future. We plan to put a chipboard manufacturing plant, that is, we plan to produce laminated chipboard. I hope we will implement our plans in a short time. Thanks.

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