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Eric Egberts, CEO of the Dutch Greenhouse Delta

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Good day ladies and gentlemen. My name is Eric Egberts. I am the CEO of Dutch Greenhouse Delta and I would like to bring my compassion to the people of Kazakhstan. We have seen all the difficult challenges that you have to come through over the last weeks. And we would like to say that we support you. We support your country to go to the next level. The next level in the future, the healthy future of Kazakhstan. I was in your country last year. I have met you and we have made plans for a healthy future for agriculture and horticulture in Kazakhstan. We would like to continue those plans also in 2022. We are looking forward to meet you again in April and to bring our plans into reality. Together with you, people of Kazakhstan. Here from the Westland area in the Netherlands, I wish you healthy and prospering 2022. Thank you very much.

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