Interesting facts

Interesting facts
Kazakhstan is a multinational country. Tolerance and respect for each member of society, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, cultural values, is the main rule of communication in our country.
The country's policy is notable for its particular peaceful orientation - Kazakhstan voluntarily renounced the use of nuclear weapons on its territory, despite the fact that it had the 4th largest arsenal of nuclear weapons.
The people of Kazakhstan are very hospitable people. When you come to visit you, you will surely be accepted as the most long-awaited person, even if your visit was unexpected for the hosts. Each person will always feel respected at a party, they will not let him go, without feeding him with delicious food, which is rich in Kazakh national cuisine.
Kazakhstan has the highest rates of tea consumption: 1.2 kg per year per capita (10th place in the world). In India, for example, they consume 650 grams per person.
Today, 99% of the population of Kazakhstan drinks tea every day, and half of these people admit that they consume more than four cups of this drink per day.
Kazakh is one of the richest languages in the world. According to the latest data, the Kazakh language has more than 2.5 million words. This exceeds the vocabulary of the Russian, Flemish and Estonian languages combined.
Kazakhstan is the world's first and largest cosmodrome Baikonur. It was from him that the first manned flight into space was carried out, the first artificial satellite of the Earth and artificial satellites of the Sun, the Moon and Venus were launched.
Medeo is the highest mountain complex in the world for winter sports. The skating rink has the largest area of an artificial ice field - 10.5 thousand m².

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