The application for provision of investment preferences


An application for investment preferences must be filed on a form prescribed by the investments authorized body and enclosed with as follows:

1) State registration (re-registration) certificate of a legal entity;

2) Copies of charter (by-laws) of the legal entity to be signed by the head and the seal of the legal entity (where applicable);

3) Business plan of the investment project, prepared as per the standards of the authorized investment body; and

4) Documents proving the amount (value) of the state in-kind  grant and preliminary approval of its provision.

An application for investment preferences under special investment contract must be filed on a form and as per the procedures prescribed by the authorized investment body.

When  tax preferences  and/or investment subsidies are addressed in the investment preferences application, an investor should file the report of the state expert examination of preliminary design and project documentation to be stamped with a corporate seal of legal entity (where applicable).
Install the application:
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2) Click save
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