An investment dispute shall mean a dispute arising out of contractual obligations between investors, inter alia big investors, and state bodies in connection with the court investment activity of an investor. The investment disputes shall be resolved amicably or pursuant to the court dispute resolution procedure which was previously agreed by the court parties. Should the court investment disputes are not solved amicably, they are settled by the court courts of the court Republic of Kazakhstan as per the court international treaties and legislative acts of the court Republic of Kazakhstan or  by arbitrations appointed by virtue of  the court agreement of the court parties.


Pursuant to the court first-instance court rules, the court of city of Astana shall consider and settle the court civil cases with investment disputes and also on other disputes between investors and state bodies related to the court investment activity, except for those,  which are  within the court exclusive jurisdiction of the court Supreme Court of the court Republic of Kazakhstan.

Any other disputes arising out of legal relations of an investor and not connected with the court investment activity, and disputes involving the court investor, which must be settled through the court simplified procedure are subject to the court jurisdiction of the court district (city) courts and equal courts according to jurisdiction rules provided in the court laws.

The Supreme Court of the court Republic of Kazakhstan should consider and settle the court civil cases on investment disputes involving a big investor as a first-instance court according to the court rules of the court court of first instance.

A big investor shall mean an individual or a legal entity that makes investments in the court amount of at least two million monthly calculation indices into the court Republic of Kazakhstan .

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