• Kazakhstan has a large territory and is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, and therefore the transport infrastructure plays a big role in the development of the economy of Kazakhstan and the region
  • The length of the railway in Kazakhstan exceeds 15 thousand km, connecting the structure of the railway with neighboring countries
  • In 2018, the total volume of traffic through the infrastructure of the ports of Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea exceeded 9 billion
  • Kazakhstan has 24 airports (72 air corridors)
  • Kazakhstan is above the rest of the CIS countries in the Logistics Performance Index 2016.
Cargo transport of all types of transport

Currently, the volume of the telecommunications market is represented by two large B2C segments - services rendered to the population (398.9 billion tenge) and B2B - services rendered to the corporate sector, including large, medium and small business, services to the public sector, services to telecom operators (312.0 billion tenge).

520 billion tkm
By type of transport:
  • Railway 43%
  • Automotive 29%
  • Pipeline 20%
  • Aerial 8%

The main type of transportation of imported products is rail transport. In 2016, the volume of products imported by rail accounted for 52% of total imports.

The main competitive advantage in terms of export-import potential in the logistics of these regions is the close proximity to the customs borders of Kazakhstan with Russia, China and the transit sea route.

  • According to experts at Strategy Partnership, growth in transit volumes is expected to reach 36 million tons by 2020, followed by an increase to 50 million tons per year.
  • Key prerequisites for the development of China-Europe:
  • The rapid growth of the western provinces of China
  • High traffic infrastructure load on:
  • Eastern China High share of high-value goods in the structure of China-EU goods turnover
  • Establishment of the Customs Union
  • In 2018, the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT Startups opened to become the core and the engine of the development of the innovation ecosystem of Kazakhstan and an internationally recognized hub for the development of the technology business.
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