Power industry
Electric power industry is one of the most important elements of the fuel and energy complex.

Electricity production in Kazakhstan is carried out by 138 power plants of various ownership forms.

As of January 1, 2020, the total capacity of power plants in the Republic of Kazakhstan is:

  • Installed capacity of stations - 22 936.6 MW,
  • The available capacity of the stations is 19 329 MW.

The total electricity production in 2019 will be about 106.8 billion kWh, 1.3% of which are RES. Electricity consumption is 105.2 billion kWh

Total electricity production exceeds consumption, but Kazakhstan’s energy system is characterized by uneven distribution of facilities

Geographic market by zones
  • North Zone Consumption: 69.1 billion kWh Production: 81.7 billion kWh
  • South Zone Consumption: 22.7 billion kWh Production: 11.0 billion kWh
  • Western zone Consumption: 13.5 billion kWh Production: 13.4 billion kWh
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