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Construction of a hotel and water park in Pavlodar region

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  • The hotel has 70 rooms, namely, standard rooms - 50, suite rooms - 20.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to build a hotel, an aquapark and infrastructure improvement on the basis of a children's health camp in the pine forest of the village of Chalday, Pavlodar region (130 km from Pavlodar). The construction of the facilities will be carried out on a land plot with a total area of 17 hectares. A 2-hour drive from the land plot is the nearest airport in Pavlodar, within a 7-10 hour drive - major cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The tourist complex will feature hotel rooms and cabins, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a sauna, a water park, a game room, sports grounds. It is planned to organize seasonal ethno-tours, horse and ski trips, snowmobile tours, etc. for visitors. It is planned to attract international operators of chain hotels to implement the project.


The initiator of the project is AST-Logistic.PVL LLP, established in 2016. The main activity of the company is freight transportation by road.

  • For the period 2016-2019, the average annual growth rate was 12.7%, and in 2020 the number of domestic tourists exceeded the number of outbound tourists by 2 times. In the period 2016-2019, the number of incoming tourists grew steadily and the average annual growth over the period was 9.4%. Moreover, the number of countries whose citizens can come to Kazakhstan without a visa is growing every year.
  • In 2020, the expenditures of Kazakhstanis on domestic and outbound tourism amounted to about 397 billion tenge. About 291 billion tenge (73%) of these expenses were spent within the Republic of Kazakhstan.
What is the attractiveness of the project?
  • A unique offer. In addition to the hotel business, the Shaldai Hotel takes into account modern food trends of "adventure" and recreational tourism.
  • Year-round supply and the absence of major competitors in the region. An attractive location for a year-round offer, including hotel accommodation, therapeutic recreation, surfing, etc. There are no premium-class hotel complexes in the Pavlodar region.
  • A new trend in unique and authentic travel. Millennials, who make up about 29% of international tourists, prefer to visit authentic places.
  • Unique location of the country. Kazakhstan is geographically close to countries with a high level of international tourism, which makes it possible to increase the level of inbound tourism from these countries. The location is within 7-10-hour car accessibility from major Kazakh and Russian cities.
Investment offer

The Project requires financing in the amount of 7,147 thousand US dollars, including:
  • 70% (5,003 thousand US dollars) - debt financing (if collateral is available);
  • from 30% (2,144 thousand US dollars) - investor participation.

The proposed financing structure and measures of state support are indicative, the final structure of financing and participation in the project will be determined based on the results of joint negotiations with the investor.

Investment structure:

  • * 0.3% (18 thousand US dollars) – machinery and equipment
  • * 99.7% (7 129 thousand US dollars) - buildings and structures.

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