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Industrial and innovative activity
Chamber of international Commerce of Kazakhstan

The Chamber of Foreign Trade of Kazakhstan was established on July 29, 2014 and is a 100% subsidiary of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Atameken.

The main task that was set before the Foreign Trade Chamber of Kazakhstan was to represent the interests of Kazakhstan business in foreign trade.

The Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan provides service support to domestic exporters:
  1. Development of export capacity of manufacturers of processed products /services.
  2. Export promotion of Kazakhstan processed products.
  3. Formation in the business and social and political circles of Kazakhstan and abroad of the ideology of "export orientation" in the framework of the GPIID, introducing into the mass consciousness the idea of ​​turning Kazakhstan into a country exporting non-primary products.
  4. Increased awareness of Kazakhstan products in the Russian market (in the border regions of Russia).
  5. Implementation of the National Export Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Joint-Stock Company BRK-Leasing

Joint-Stock Company BRK-Leasing is a subsidiary of Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and is part of Baiterek National Management Holding JSC. The company was established on September 6, 2005 in order to expand the investment project financing instruments provided by JSC Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

The goal of the Company: implementation, improvement and improvement of the efficiency of state investment policy through leasing, development of the manufacturing industry, production infrastructure, as well as assistance in attracting foreign and domestic investments in the economy of Kazakhstan.

The mission of the Company: assistance in the modernization and renewal of fixed assets of enterprises in the sectors of industry and infrastructure.

BRK-Leasing JSC, being one of the key operators of government and government programs, such as the Unified Business Support and Business Development Program “Business Road Map 2020”, the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development, the State Infrastructure Development Program “Nurly Zhol”, provides services medium and long-term financial leasing in priority sectors for the state, such as manufacturing, production and transport infrastructure.

National Agency for Technological Development JSC

Provision of measures of state support to the subjects of industrial innovation activity is carried out by an authorized body in the field of state support for industrial innovation activity involving the national development institute JSC National Agency for Technological Development in technological development in the framework of the priority areas of innovation grants the technological development of industries, the technological development of existing enterprises, commercialization of technologies.

Joint Stock Company "Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute"

Provision of state support measures to industrial innovation in improving labor productivity and the development of territorial clusters is carried out by the authorized body in the field of state support for industrial innovation with the involvement of the national development institute Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute in the field of industry development.

  • promoting the industrial-innovative development of the country through scientific, methodological and informational and analytical support; development of practical recommendations for decision-making on issues of industrial policy of Kazakhstan.
  • Main activities
  • Participation in the development, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of industrial development programs;
  • Development of a unified map of priority goods and services;
  • Formation and development of sectoral competencies by branches of the manufacturing industry;
  • Research of integration processes of the industry of Kazakhstan;
  • Conducting a system analysis of world experience of industrial policies;
  • Consideration of regional aspects of industrial policy, evaluation of investment projects;
  • Formation of the development policy of territorial clusters;
  • Performance of operator functions of the Program "Performance - 2020".
KazakhExport NC

The export insurance company KazakhExport is a state-run export insurance agency whose main activity is to support exports and implement insurance instruments for the protection of export operations. At the moment, he is in trust with Baiterek National Management Holding JSC. The export insurance company “KazakhExport” was established to insure commercial and political risks accompanying the implementation of foreign economic contracts of enterprises exporting the non-primary sector.

KazakhExport carries out insurance and reinsurance activities on the basis of a license from the Committee for Control and Supervision of the Financial Market and Financial Organizations of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The export insurance company “KazakhExport” was the financial operator in support of trade finance operations of the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014. (SPAIID) and the program "Exporter-2020". As part of the implementation of the SPAIID measures in the field of export promotion of products of the non-primary sector, KazakhExport received KZT 1.5 billion to increase its share capital for the development of trade finance operations. Currently, the Republic of Kazakhstan is systematically implementing a set of measures aimed at supporting domestic entrepreneurship and the manufacturing industry. Thus, the government’s largest industrial initiative for industrial development of Kazakhstan is the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development (SPIID) for 2015-2019, under which KazakhExport is an export support operator whose activities are aimed at creating adequate mechanisms to support the production of sectors in overseas markets.

National Agency for the Development of Local Content NADLoC JSC

JSC "National Agency for the Development of Local Content" NADLoC "is a national development institute in the field of development of local content and is aimed at implementing measures of state support for industrial innovation and the implementation of state policy in the field of development of local content.

NADLoC National Agency for the Development of Local Content carries out the procedure for accepting and processing applications of industrial innovation subjects for reimbursement of a part of the costs incurred in confirming compliance of domestic processed goods, works and services and quality management systems in accordance with generally accepted international standards, allowed for use on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 9, 2004 "On the technical -regulation "and entered in the register of the state system of technical regulation, including:

  1. for consulting services related to the confirmation of compliance of domestic processed goods, works and services and quality management systems;
  2. to promote domestic processed goods, works and services in the domestic market.

The amount of reimbursement is 50% of the amount, but not more than 3000 MCI.

Trade Representation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation

A state body representing the interests of the Republic in the sphere of foreign economic activity.

The main priorities of the Trade Representation:
  • protecting interests and assisting the Kazakhstani exporter or distributor to enter and consolidate on the Russian trade market free of charge;
  • development of investment potential, improvement of the investment climate in Kazakhstan by attracting foreign investment;
  • development of the tourist potential of Kazakhstan.
As a tool for non-financial assistance to the development of foreign trade, the Trade Representation provides services at several levels:
  • Promotion of Kazakhstani goods and services to the Russian market, development of bilateral cooperation at the regional level.
  • Informational and analytical assistance.
  • Foreign trade advisory services.
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