Success Story


Construction of a salad greenhouse of 0.6 hectares using the aquaponics system. This project is innovative. Earlier in the Republic of Kazakhstan there was no construction of similar investment projects.

Industrial greenhouse using aquaponics system is an advanced high-tech way of farming, combining aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (plant growing). A closed ecosystem has been created in this greenhouse. In the greenhouse, as in nature, organic conditions of coexistence of fish and plants are created, while the waste from the life of fish becomes a nutrient medium for the development of plants. And the plants in turn are a natural filter for the purification of water for farmed fish. Purified from the sediment water is thus converted into a nutrient solution, which is used for growing lettuce.

The project worth 923 million tenge is implemented with the help of investors from South Korea. The necessary infrastructure will be brought to the greenhouse complex. The whole process will be automated. Korean specialists supervise the installation work. In a year it is planned to grow more than 300 tons of leaves of four types of highly productive salad varieties "iceberg", "Arugula", "Leaf", "Roblen" and 41 tons of fish. Currently, salads of these varieties are 80 percent imported from Central Asia, China, Israel, Poland.

Advantage of technology:

  • the yield of greenhouses on aquaponics is 20% higher than in modern hydroponics greenhouses;
  • aquaponics greenhouses in comparison with hydroponics greenhouses (ground greenhouses) do not use chemical fertilizers and chemical protection, which allows you to grow environmentally friendly products;
  • electricity and heating costs are 1.5-1.7 times lower than in hydroponics greenhouses (ground greenhouses);
  • cultivation of environmentally friendly products.

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