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Nikolay Bochanov, Deputy Director of «Beef export group» LLP

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Hello, my name is Nikolay Bochanov, Deputy Director of «Beef export group» LLP. Since 2019, Beef export group LLP has been implementing the major project for the construction of meat- processing complex on the territory of Kostanay region. To date, the high-tech meat processing complex “Beef export group LLP” is commissioned. The plant complies with all world high-tech standards. Engineering facilities for complete purification, treatment, recycling and complete disposal of waste and wastewater treatment are actively functioning. That is why the company can be considered completely green with zero emissions into the environment. A unique feature of our company is that the plant can operate on alternative power sources - electric energy and natural gas. To date, about 250 jobs have been created. Our company plans to supply the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the markets of such countries as China, Russia, the Arab Emirates, Turkey, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and others. In the future, we plan to expand our fields of activity and we plan to build a plant for the production of dry and wet pet food, for animals of the agro-industrial complex. There are also plans to build a breeding loudspeaker, a feedlot and a cannery. We would like to express our gratitude to the National Company KAZAKH INVEST, Regional Director Tenizbayev Roman and Deputy Director of the Department of Projects - Saule Sabyr for assistance in the implementation of the project. We hope for further cooperation.

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