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Andrey Kim, Commercial Director of Ultrastab-Kazakhstan LLP and RGK-Kaspiy LLP

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Good afternoon, my name is Andrey Kim. I am the commercial director of the company "RGK-Kaspiy" and "Ultrastab Kazakhstan". Both companies are joint ventures with Russian companies. Launched in 2020. The implementation of the projects involves two stages. The first stage is the launch of production of small capacities at leased workshops. About 40 jobs were created. The second stage is an increase in production capacity. On the territory of the special economic zone, national industrial petrochemical technology parks. For which preferential tax conditions are provided, including preferential tariffs for electricity, light and gas. The second stage provides for the creation of an additional 200 jobs. The first stage was launched in June 2021. The production line consists of 96 types of products. Since the launch, more than 15 contracts have been implemented in road construction, oil and gas, as well as at mining and processing plants. Last year, the first export delivery to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan was also carried out. We conduct training of our employees on an ongoing basis, together with Russian partners. Also in 2021, we became the best producers of the year in the Atyrau region. Having all the conditions of the special economic zone, as well as having on-site raw materials nearby, we are confident that we can become a leader in the production of geosynthetic materials not only in the CIS, but also become a significant player on the world stage. Thank you for your attention.
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