Participants SEZ

During the period between 2009 and 2014 in SEZ “Astana – new city” the cluster of railway mechanical engineering was created. So, in capital together with world’s leaders in technology, such as Spanish company “Talgo”, production of locomotives, cars, electric locomotives has been arranged. In addition, this year it is planned to put into operation a plant on production of GEVO diesel engines, which are currently made by “General Electric”.

In SEZ “Seaport Aktau” production of plants on release of pipes of an oil range, glass-fiber pipes, polyethylene and preisolated pipes, as well as low pressure pipes was arranged. Also one of the tenants – “Kazakstan Pipe Threaders” together with Italian company “Tenaris” will start construction works of their plant that would focus on releasing pipes with gas-tight threaded connection of premium class.

In SEZ “Saryarka” two productions are actively carrying out their activity: “Bohmer Armaturen” LLP (production of spherical cranes) and “Izoplus Central Asia” LLP (production of rigid and flexible pipe systems). Also, this year it is expected to put into operation a plant that would be producing preisolated pipes and formed parts. It is also worth mentioning the beginning of construction of “Kazakhstan ammunition factory”, which will provide Armed force of the Republic of Kazakhstan with pistol, automatic rifles and machine-gun ammunition. The beginning of construction of plant on production of basalt isolation and extrusive expanded polystyrene is also planned for the current year. The enterprise is organized together with Russian corporation “Technonikol”, which is one of the largest producers and suppliers of waterproof and heat-insulating materials.

During last five years in SEZ “Ontustik” the textile cluster was created. Thus, in Southern Kazakhstan production of hygroscopic cotton wool, cotton cellulose, finished textiles, tapestries, paper and cardboard products has been successfully arranged. New productions, which will be put into operation or are at a stage of realization will not only expand the volume of already existing textile products, but will also present absolutely new and unique products, such as: synthetic yarn, silicon polyester, polypropylene fibers, denim, etc.

In SEZ “National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark” the plant on production of polymeric products, in particular, production of films of various application – biaxial-focused polypropylene, polyethylene films, will start operating this year. Moreover, this year on the territory of SEZ “NIPT” the construction of the 310 MW gas-turbine power plant will begin. Until 2019 it is planned that the two-phased integrated has-chemical complex on production of polyethylene and polypropylene would start operating.

In SEZ “Park of Innovative Technologies” currently exists an innovative cluster, which includes 79 operating tenants. Software development; automation of systems; production of radio and telecommunication equipment; production of electronic and measuring devices as well as their components; development of programs, applications and video games; production of equipment for various use – all this is SEZ “PIT”. It is also worth mentioning that on the territory of SEZ “PIT” various educational institutions and world-class colleges are under construction.

In SEZ “Khorgos – eastern gates” full completion of works on construction of “dry port” is expected on July 1st, 2015. Currently, at the same time more that 10 large infrastructure objects are being built – the container terminal, water extraction installations, electric substation, office buildings, warehouses, fire station and customs registration center. This “dry port” is expected to be the largest on the territory of Post-Soviet states. It will not only become a transit corridor between Europe and Asia, bull also will turn into on of the main transport ways of the world.

Other SEZ’s

SEZ “Pavlodar”

  • “Caustic” JSC (production of caustic soda, chlorine, salty acid, sodium hypochloride)
  • In 2015 – construction start of plant on calcination of oil coke

SEZ “Chemical Park Taraz”

  • “CHEM-plus” LLP – start of operation of the 1st phase in 2016 (production of caustic soda and chlorine)
  • “CHEM-plus” LLP – 2nd phase (production of glyphosate)
  • “CHEM-plus” LLP – 3rd phase (producton of three-chloride phosphorus)
  • “Qadam Industries” LLP (production of pesticides – plant protections means)
  • “Kyzylorda Munai Gaz” LLP (production of methanol)

1. Map of SEZ (tenants)