Foreign Investors’ Council

Foreign Investors’ Council chaired by the President of Kazakhstan – consultative advisory board under the President of Kazakhstan.

The Council is aimed to:

  • provide and develop direct dialog with investors operating in Kazakhstan
  • settle the problems related investment activity promptly

The Council develops and submits recommendations on investment activity in Kazakhstan to the President and the Government of Kazakhstan.
Council meeting takes place once a year and is chaired by the Head of State.
The Council consists of:

the heads of the state authorities from Kazakhstan side
the heads of international financial and economic institutions, large foreign companies and corporations operating in Kazakhstan from foreign side
The Council’s labor authority is represented by the Investments Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.
Foreign members of the Council established “Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors” association which includes all foreign companies as part of the Council.

Contact details of “Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors” association:
Office 31/2, floor 3, “Kaskad” Business Center, 6/1 Kabanbay Batyr avenue, Astana.
Tel.: +7 7172 925550, fax: + 7 7172 925553,