Enterprises in the Atyrau region

According to the Department of Statistics in the Atyrau region registered 516 domestic enterprises. Among them there are 486 small, 23 medium and 10 large enterprises.

The basis of the industrial potential of the region consists of major companies "Tengizchevroil", JSC "EMG", JSC "Maten Petroleum" and many others, to supply the world market with competitive products.
In the manufacturing industry leads refining industry, represented "Atyrau Refinery" LTD.
And also in the engineering industry operate the following companies: "Atyrauneftemash" LTD, "Dossormunaimash" LTD, "Karashungil" LTD, "Service Center "KazTurboRemont" LTD, "Flowserve” LTD, «NOVUS SEALING» LTD and others.
In the Atyrau region oil and gas industry dominates the total volume of industrial production and it is a major sector, giving a significant boost socio-economic development of the region and it is a consumer product engineering.
Within the framework of the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development for 2010-2014 in the Atyrau region implemented 3 investment projects related to the engineering industry:
"Service center "KazTurboRemont" LTD - repair and maintenance of gas turbines and equipment plant.

«Flowserve» LTD - repair and modernization of pumps, seals and pressure regulating equipment, service and spare parts supply factory. Besides, the center carries out routine maintenance, also introduces the latest developments in hydraulic and mechanical equipment field.

«NOVUS SEALING» LTD - producing various sealing gaskets and connectors for oilfield equipment factory. This is a unique solution to ensure tightness of industrial equipment, backed by an extraordinary level of customer service.

Within Maps industrialization years of 2010-2012 were commissioned greenhouse and vegetablekeeping house "Atyrau Agro Service" LTD, "Atyrau Sauda" LTD poultry producing pasta factory, "Speak-A" LTD and "Atyrau Caspian Fish" LTD fish processing plant.

The main area of domestic enterprises producing construction materials:
"UPTK" LTD produces concrete products and ready-mixed concrete products, "Yerlan" brick plant,"Nasikha" LTD production for ceramic bricks issue, "Firma ATK" LTD production for concrete products and ready-mixed concrete issue, "PromStroyTsentrService" LTD manufacture gypsum blocks, "Batis Alliance Stroi" LTD production of concrete products.
Also in the pharmaceutical industry the most significant project was the disposable syringes production factory "Brando" LTD. The factory was put into operation in 2010 and in 2011 increased its capacity by installing additional equipment for the production of syringes.

As part of the expansion of production established issue of disposable medical gloves and systems for infusion solutions.
The catalogue producers of Atyrau region is in annex.