Visa Execution Procedure

To have the visa support, the host institution shall submit the following documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA):

1. Standard invitation letter.

2. Originals of payment order or consular fee receipt.

3. Institution applied to the MFA for the first time shall submit the current year notarized copies of the following:

  • charter,
  • registration certificate in the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan
  • original of a certificate of taxpayer non-indebtedness/indebtedness,
  • tourism licensee in case the tourists are invited.

4. Power of attorney from the institution.
5. Data on the invited person in due form electronically.
6. In case of issuance of investor visa, petition of the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan.

    Invitation letter is done in 3 copies: two copies are submitted to the MFA, the third copy is sent to the persons invited.

    The received applications are processed within 3-5 days and after instructing on issuance of visa to the foreign institutions, the MFA advises a reference number of visa support which the host institution shall pass to a foreigner to apply for a Kazakhstan visa to the consular office.

    Contact details of the MFA in Astana:
    Tel.: +7 (7172) 72 04 70, +7 (7172) 72 04 71, fax: +7 (7172) 72 05 16;
    Address: build.31, D. Kunaev str.

    Representative office of the MFA in Almaty:
    Tel.: +7 (727) 272-07-40; fax: +7 (727) 272-04-01
    Address: Build.65, Ayteke bi str.