Macroeconomic and political stability

Among 140 countries in the world, by the macroeconomic environment Kazakhstan is ranked 25th and 30th in the transparency of government policymaking (WEF "The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016").

Kazakhstan’s inflation rate remains stable (IMF: 2012 – 5.1%; 2013 – 5.8%; 2014 – 6.7%; 2014 – 6.5%), while the unemployment rate decreases annually (IMF: 2010 – 5.8%; 2013 – 5.2%; 2015 – 5.0%).

“The Plan of the Nation – 100 specific steps”, providing for far-reaching changes in order to implement the five institutional reforms: formation of a professional state apparatus, enforcement of the rule of law, industrial development and economic growth, identity and unity, and formation of the accountable state.

In addition, the International Financial Center (IFC) will be opened in 2017 in Astana, which will include a new court for financial and investment disputes, applying the English law and using the English language in the proceedings with the participation of foreign arbitrators.