A competitive advantages of the Zhambyl region

sectoral focus on the region;

- In purpose area is an industrial-agrarian, 17.0% of the gross regional product of belong to industry, 12.8% - agriculture, 9.7% - transport and communications, 9.5% - construction, 11.5% - trade , 39.5% - other industry.

- SEZ;
In the project on the creation of Special Economic Zone "Chemical Park " Taraz " , which will house up to 16 chemical plants for the production of up to 25 units of chemical products (including innovative 8 ) with a total production capacity of more than 2 million tons / year . Total project cost is U.S. $ 2.7 billion. Currently issued Presidential Decree on the establishment of SEZ "Chemical Park " Taraz " , allocated a plot of land with an area 505 hectares , the project feasibility study FEZ management company created with the participation of Jurong( Singapore) , negotiations with potential participants of SEZ in 2014 planned construction of external infrastructure SEZ and the first 4- productions :
- glyphosate (herbicide);
- phosphorus trichloride;
- hydrateof sodiumand chloride

- Industrial zone;
At the moment in Zhambyl is most developed agricultural sector, comprising promising crop and livestock, with high production and raw potential. Given this region's agricultural specialization appropriate organization ironed high processing of agricultural products, in connection with which the Zhambyl region plan to create an a large agro-processing logistics center (APLTS) "Taraz".

Construction APLTS "Taraz" is the best solution to the issue of providing the population of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries of high quality fresh fruit and vegetable products and its deep processing products, by creating a high-tech industrial complex with a developed industrial infrastructure and transport and logistics ensuring.

High transit potential of the region, due to the location of Kazakhstan in the center of the Eurasian continent , traffic flows from Central Asia , with high prospects in the light of international railway project "TRACECA" and construction of transport corridor "Western Europe - Western China" , along with an impressive potential agribusinessZhambyl field of agricultural raw materials and proximity to rich regions of Kazakhstan (South Kazakhstan and Almaty region) and the bordering countries of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan , together provide significant prospects of the project at the international level .
The project planned agro-processing center is innovative in and important character, due to the lack of similar agro-processing, transport and logistics complexes in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Under construction APLTS "Taraz" in Zhambyl allocated land with total area of 370 hectares, located 16 km south- west from the regional center (Taraz ) , whose territory is planned to place 20 agro-processing enterprises and facilities, providing high-tech storage , processing and preparation of agricultural products, transportation and logistics company , the management company (administration) , energy-and water-supply company , service facilities , network utilities ( road and railway, electricity, water and heat supply, sewerage, communications , etc. etc.) , security and other facilities necessary subdivisions .

Innovation and technology parks
-As a result of 2012 was a statistical observation of innovation at the enterprise field of 657.
-For the reporting period 28 economic entities had completed technological innovation (in 2011 - 20 companies). Innovation activity of enterprises for product and process innovations was 9.7%.
-The volume of innovative products compared to 2011 increased by 70.5% and amounted to 19,181.2 million tenge, the innovative nature of the services rendered to 841.3 million tenge.
-The main types of innovation activities of enterprises having completed innovations are: introduction of new technologies, equipment, materials - 68% on the purchase of new technologies and other types of pre-production to release new products - 14%, the research activities - 12%.

-Total expenditure on technological innovation amounted to 18 853.8 million tenge for current period (11444.4 million tenge). The main share of innovative projects in the investment accounts for own funds of enterprises - 57.4%, republican budget - 4.7%, local budget - 0.2%.

Nowadays innovative developments are carried out on the basis of research and scientific laboratories such as "Taraz State University named afterM.Kh. Dulaty "," Taraz innovative humanities university, "" KazSRI of water management", as well as its own private businesses and individuals. Inthestructuresofuniversitiesandcollegessuccessfullyoperates 3 scientific and researchinstitutions, 4 scientific production centers as well as centers for excellence and training. Research is carried out by 14 basic and applied scientific fields; patent base of educational institutions is about 500 patents in the region.
The general volume of performed scientific and technical works amounted to 1,960.1 million tenge in 2012 and increased 7.6 times compared with 2011.
Scientific and technical work share of applied research was - 99.2%, strategic studies - 0.3%, design and technological work - 0.3%, scientific and technical services - 0.2% of the total volume.
Analysis of scientific organizations showed that the priority directions of scientific and technical research activities are in the field of agricultural sciences, whose share in the total gross expenses amounted to 96.0%.
Expenditureon research in the sphere of technical sciences, social sciences and humanitieswere - 0,4%.
350 experts were involved in research and development in 2012. The number of doctors, who performed the scientific and technical work, was 8 people, number of PHDs – 71 people.