A competitive advantages of the South Kazakhstan region

According to the Global Competitiveness Index for 2013-2014, Kazakhstan took 50th place among 148 countries, rising one position compared to last year.
Reference: The Global Competitiveness Index (TheGlobalCompetitivenessIndex) - a global study and the accompanying ranks countries in terms of economic competitiveness by the World Economic Forum (WorldEconomicForum).

Flow of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan
According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Kazakhstan ranked 19th among the top 20 leading countries in terms of attracting foreign direct investment (in the CIS 2nd place after Russia). In 2012, the gross inflows of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan reached a record high of 28.8 billion U.S. dollars, up 8.9%, or U.S. $ 2.4 billion more than in 2011.

Favorable business climate
A. According to the authoritative rating – “DoingBusiness” held by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, in 2013 Kazakhstan occupies 50th place overall among 189 countries.

Reference: Spain 52 location, Mexico - 53, Belarus - 68, Italy - 65, Russia - 92, China - 96, Ukraine - 112, Brazil - 116, India - 134, Uzbekistan - 146.
B. 22 place for the protection of investors. Kazakhstan signed the Agreement on mutual protection of investments with 47 countries and one agreement within the Eurasian Economic Community (list attached in accordance with Appendix ) that provide additional safeguards for investors : protection against discrimination , nationalization and requisition , the right to resolve disputes in international investment arbitration courts in the absence of an arbitration agreement.
Reference : According to the annual Global Competitiveness Index for 2013-2014 , Kazakhstan ranked 10th in the degree of investor protection .
C. 18th place on taxation. The most attractive tax regime in the CIS and Central Asia (CIT - 20% VAT - 12%).
D. 18 place in registering property.
E. 30th place for registration.
Reference: Registration takes 15 minutes.

Customs Union (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus)
A. The market capacity - about 170 million people with a combined GDP of 2 trillion. USD.
B. Uniform trading rules in the CU:
- A single customs territory;
- A single trade policy;
- Common customs regulations, single customs code;
- Free movement of goods among the customs area.

Favorable location
A. South-Kazakhstan region borders with the Republic of Uzbekistan.
B. On the territory of South Kazakhstan passes Trans railway and international transit corridor "Western Europe" - "Western China".
Also has convenient connections to motorways:
- Tashkent - Shymkent - Taraz - Almaty;
- Tashkent - Shymkent - Turkestan - Samara.
C. Airport "Shymkent" has a favorable geographical position, it is located 100 km from Tashkent, 450 km from Kyzylorda, 500 km from Bishkek, 700 km from Almaty.
D. In Shymkent planned construction of a large trade and logistics center with a land area of 92 hectares. The site is located near the airport, along the railway line, 4 km from the MTC Western Europe - Western China.

Climatic conditions
Climate - continental, winters are mild, short with frequent thaws, sultry summer, long. The average January temperature in the north area of -9,6 ° C, in the south of -0,9 ° C, in July - from +20 ° C to +30 ° C. Annual precipitation is 150-250 mm in the north, in the highlands - 750 mm.

Fertile soil, abundant sunshine, vast pastures create great opportunities for development in the area of various sectors of agriculture, especially irrigated agriculture and grazing sheep. Give high yields of crops of cotton, rice, as well as orchards and vineyards. The share of livestock accounts for 100% of gross agricultural output. In livestock production occupies a dominant share of the production of meat, milk and eggs.

Natural resources
A. According to Uranium Stocks region takes 1st place, phosphate and iron ore - 3rd place in the Republic.
Reference: The region has deposits of polymetallic ores (south-western slope of the ridge Karatau near the town of Kentau, Achisayskoe, Bayzhansayskoe, Mirgalimsai deposits, etc.). Deposits of iron ore Karatau ridge enrichable have good, high iron conten.

B.The region has mineral resources for the production of building materials (limestone, gypsum, quartz sand, refractory ceramic and bentonite clay, mineral paints, semi-precious stones, travertine).

C. In the region there are natural resources that can be used for treatment and rest . These include mineral water Saryagash sanatoria and mineral thermal water wells are located 20 km south of Kentau , in the foothills of Karatau , in the picturesque valley of the river Shaga , hot springs near the district center Ordabasy district (village Temirlanovka ) and near the village Mankent and salubrious climate for people with the disease of the cardiovascular system in the area of Ak-su and Tulkibas, TurarRyskulovauyl.

A.According to the Global Competitiveness Index for 2013-2014 , Kazakhstan ranked number 15 in the category of " Labor market efficiency ."
B. South-Kazakhstan region is the most populous region of the Republic of Kazakhstan .In SKR lives of 2.7 million people.
For reference: in Zhambyl 1 million people live in Kyzylorda oblast - 713 thousand people.
C.According to statistics Statistics Agency in South Kazakhstan region has 11 institutions of higher education ( trained about 75 thousand students ), 92 technical and professional educational institutions ( enrollment of more than 77 thousand students).
D. In Shymkent planned construction of a new international university, which will work in partnership with leading universities in the U.S. and Germany. The university is supposed to be one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan.

Special Economic Zone "Ontustik"
A. The SEZ "Ontustik" is 200 hectares. Infrastructure SEZ 100% complete.
B. The SEZ mastered by 57% (71 ha.) Where implemented 18 investment projects worth 119.9 billion tenge 6440 order creating jobs.
C. Main activities:
- Manufacture of textiles;
- Manufacture of wearing apparel;
- Manufacture of leather and related products;
- Manufacture of paper.

D.Advantages of SEZ "Ontustik":
According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan party SEZ "Ontustik" exempt from:
- Corporate tax;
- The land tax;
- Tax on property;
- Value-added tax of imported goods sold in the territory of FEZ "Ontustik" to achieve the goals.
Participants SEZ "Ontustik" provided all kinds of engineering communications, including:
- Gas;
- Electricity;
- Telephones;
- Water supply;
- Drainage;
- Driveway;
- Railroad.

Industrial zones
A. Currently, there are two industrial zones in Shymkent and Turkestan.
B. Construct Industrial Zone in kentau second industrial zone in Shymkent.
C. In general, plans to create 16 industrial zones with a total area 1256 ha.
D. On the territory of the current industrial zone "Ontustyk" in Shymkent (337 ha) realized 58 projects (42 KZT.bln) to create 5710 jobs.
E. Benefits of industrial zones :
- Availability of finished industrial zones and infrastructure for enterprises;
- The provision of land for rent for up to 49 years with an option to purchase ;
- Buy land in installments ;
- The procedure for issuing a land plot takes place over 5 days;
- Tariff for electricity and water 25% less than the non- IZ ;
- The presence of the railway siding for public use;
- Maintenance of the infrastructure and roads is due IZ Directorate ;
- Maintenance of the system of environmental safety;
- Support to the implementation of the investment project on the basis of services to investors through a "single window" (registration of all licensing documentation will carry IZ Directorate);
- Subsidized loans and partial guarantee through the program "Business Road Map -2020" ;
- Drawing all permits investors held Directorate industrial zone .
In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Investments" at the conclusion of the contract with the competent authority include investment preferences :
- Exemption from customs duties ;
- Government land grants .

Service Centers of investors and entrepreneurs
A. To carry out systematic work to attract investment and technology transfer operates investors service center.
The main objective of the ISC is seeking investors to attract investment in the South Kazakhstan region, their full service support for the principle of "one window", business information and analytical support for investment attraction.
B.In order to reduce administrative barriers for business in November 2012 in South Kazakhstan established business service center with branches in all cities and districts.
BSC provides services of a "single window". Services are available to entrepreneurs to issue permits, maintenance projects, preparation and packaging of business ideas, provide legal, accounting, tax, customs consultation. Provides training aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of business.
C.In BSC placed representatives of all development institutions, financial institutions, second-tier banks,
service companies.