A competitive advantages of the Pavlodar region

Map industrialization projects:
One of the main instruments for implementing SPFIID is Industrialization Map.
As part of the Industrialization Map are realized in the region 85 of the project (with investments - 1078.8 billion, the number of jobs - 9,960 jobs).

Which includes:
- 5 Republican Industrialization Map projects with an investment volume - 747.3 billion, the number of jobs - in 2129.
- 80 Regional Industrialization Map projects with an investment volume - 331.5 billion, the number of jobs - 7831.
In 2013, five projects were commissioned with an investment volume - 75.3 billion tenge, the number of jobs - 457.

Pavlodar – 42 projects
Ekibastuz - 20 projects.
Aksu - 10 projects;
Pavlodar region - 5 projects;
Aktogay dustrict - 2 projects;
May, Scherbakty, Zhelezin, Uspen, Bayanaul, Irtysh – for one project.

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Total registered SEZ in Pavlodar - 45 participants, including commissioned projects 2 members - JSC "Caustic" and LLP "Belizna". In 2013, at the SEZ enterprises produced goods worth - 179 million tenge.

There is scheduled to launch 4 projects in 2014:
1. LLP "UPNK-PV" - calcination of petroleum coke. Start of production is planned for December 2014. The volume of investment per project was 2.7 billion.
2. LLP "BO-NA" - the production of disinfectants, start production is in March 2014, the amount of investment is 100 million tenge.
3. LLP "AgroHimProgress" - manufacture of agrochemical products. The first stage of production is planned for September 2014. Investments amounted to more than 120 million tenge.
4. LLP "Himsbyt-PV" project for PVC processing, manufacture of antifreeze, scale inhibitors and root formation system. The first stage of the production of PVC processing is scheduled for June 2014. Investments amounted to 25 mln. tenge

There are preparatory works on 5-projects to launch in 2015-2018, respectively, among which the production of polyester resins, sulfuric acid production, production polyaluminium chloride, inhibited the production of hydrochloric acid, effluent treatment and the production of distilled water.
Besides, JSC "Caustic" together with JSC "NAC "Kazatomprom" plan to implement in SEZ 10 joint projects. It is stated here and planned production volumes.
In accordance with the request of the Head of State during this visit Pavlodar region in September 2012, is working to establish sub-zone for the production of non-ferrous metal products in the territory in the vicinity of "Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant".
The organization will create a subzone full metallurgical cluster where the products will be released the third and fourth processing with high added value (aluminum profile, foil, sheet, wire).
The main investors are considered company "Alkomet" (production of aluminum profiles, sheets, wire), LLP "Altech" (production of aluminum wheels for automobile wheels) and LLC "Alutex" (production of aluminum profile systems, sectional doors and rolling systems), LLP "Pavlodar Invest" (production of aluminum rod and the rod of aluminum alloys).

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Techno parks.

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