A competitive advantages of the Kyzylorda region

Mineral and raw potential

Variety of minerals:

  • hydrocarbon raw material (oil, gas and condensate)
  • nonferrous materials: lead and zinc
  • ferrous materials: iron, titanium and vanadium, radioactive metal: uranium.

Significant reserves of common salt, mirabilit and tenardin are explored.
Deposits of lead and zinc are explored, works are done by “ShalkiyaZinc” LLP.
Deposits of uranium: “NAK KazAtomProm” JSC.
Deposits of vanadium ores: “Balausa” LLP, receipt of vanadate amonium.
23 companies execute their activities on deposits of hydrocarbon raw materials.

Development of energy sector

More than 300 sunny days a year in Kyzylorda create vast opportunities for projects in the energy sector:

  • installation of solar plants
  • building of wind generators

Kyzylorda - native land of rice!

Favorable climatic conditions for cultivation of vegetables, watermelon, melon as well as rice, use of pastures as year-round forage resources facilitate development of the livestock sector.

Land resources
General land fund: 24035.9 thousand hectares.
12 947.9 thousand hectares: agricultural land, or 13.5% from general land area of the region.

Soil and vegetation
10% from general land area are located in the valley of Syr Darya river, 25% in the zone of semi deserts, and 65% in deserts.
According to its thermal and solar resources, the conditions of Kyzylorda region are favorable for cultivation of many cultures.
Rice is an important crop in the world agriculture. According to areas under crops and croppage, rice takes the second place in the world after wheat.
Kyzylorda region is the leading rice-growing region of Kazakhstan where 90% of Kazakhstani rice is grown.

At present, rice fields occupy 77.4 thousand hectares.

As a whole, more than 283 thousand tons of rice were gathered in the region in 2012.

Rice industry of the region possesses a necessary potential for its further development.

Development of tourism sector

  • Excellent geographical location
  • Unique natural conditions
  • Landscapes

well-known all over the world:

  • Aral Sea, “Cemetery of Ships”
  • Unique cosmic harbor Baikonyr
  • Kambash Lake
  • Barsakelmes National Park
  • Korkyt-ata Memorial
  • Construction of “Western Europe – Western China” highway with the length of 814 km through the whole region will spur increase in goods and passenger traffic to realize investment projects on roadside service complex.