A competitive advantages of the Karaganda region

About industrial orientation of the region

Developed industrial branches of the region

The region has the largest reserves of nonmetallic raw materials for metallurgy and construction industry. Due to the large explored and exploited deposits of mineral resources, raw diversity in species, availability of fuel, sources of electricity and water in the region such industries as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, coal, energy, chemical, food and construction industries have been successfully developed.

In the region there is the sufficient potential for the development of engineering and metalworking industries. In addition, the region has a resource base and production facilities for processing the agricultural products.

The backbone of the economy of the Karaganda region is the mining and manufacturing industry, which produces more than 46% of GRP.

Structure of manufacturing industries,%

SEZ. “Karaganda- Invest” JSC is the governing body of SEZ “Saryarka”. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a decree #181 “The creation of a special economic zone “Saryarka” for the period until December 1, 2036 in Karaganda city and adjacent lands of Bukhar Zhyrau district of the Karaganda region (Karaganda Industrial Park) , with the area of 534.9 hectares. Today “Karaganda –Invest” is working on the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the special economic zone.

Creation of 7 subzones SEZ “Saryarka”:

1. Subzone “October District”

2. Subzone “Bukhar - Zhyrau District”

3. Subzone “Temirtau”

4. Subzone “Zhezkazgan”

5. Subzone “Silicon Valley”

6. Subzone “Chemical cluster RTI”

7. Subzone “Aerotropolis”

There are vacant land plots totaling 40 hectares on the SEZ “Saryarka”, but the MC “Karaganda Invest” considers a number of projects of potential investors with further allocation on the free land plots.

Technoparks. “Technopark Saryarka” LLP . Mission of the Technopark - to promote the development of small innovative companies involved in the commercialization of research results solving the problems of the region, large industrial companies, the creation of new industries with high added value.

The objective of the Technopark - the creation and development of Technopark as a unified platform - a regional center for support and development of innovation activities establishing and developing small, newly created innovative companies.

The primary objective of Technopark is a reorientation of research and engineering developments in the Karaganda region for modernization of production and new products with high added value.

Technopark is a single platform - Regional Center for Support and Development of innovation - for the establishment and development of small, newly created innovative companies.

Activities of the “Technopark Saryarka” LLP is aimed at solving problems in the following areas:

Provision of infrastructure for innovative offices and service companies.

Business development services: innovative project management , financial planning , marketing, project support in financial institutions.

Technopark provides commercialization of applied research through a variety of instruments for the innovation support:

1. Innovation grants.

2 . Technological business-incubation Program