A competitive advantages of the Atyrau region

Map of industrialization projects:

As part of the Industrialization Map, 34 investment projects will be realized, totaling $ 1.4 trilliontenge with the creation of over 4323 workplaces.
By Republican Map, there are 2 projects totaling 1.3 trillion tenge with creation of 1190 workplaces:
- Construction of chemical complex LLP «KPI»;
- Reconstruction and modernization of the Atyrau oil refining factory.

On regional Map of industrialization 32 investment projects are implemented, totaling $ 82.8 billiontenge, 3133 workplaces were created.

21 projects of them were put into operation, totaling $ 63.2 bln, 1904 workplaces were created.
In 2010, 7 projects were put into operation, totaling 31.5 billion tenge, 636 workplaces were created:
- plant for the production of disposable syringes LLP "Brando";
- plant for the production of dry building mixes LLP "Bias TEK";
- factory on repair and maintenance of gas turbines LLP "KazTurboRemont";
- Plant on production of lightweight panels for housing LLP "Construction KZ»;
- Metallurgical Plant for the production of metal LLP "Metal Product";
- construction of IV- turn of expansion of Atyrau TEP;
- greenhouse and vegetable store, LLP "AtyrauAgroServis".

In 2011, nine projects were put into operation, totaling 10.6 billion tenge, 898 workplaces were created:
- plant for the production of plastic pipes "Chevron MunaiGas Inc.";
- production of various sealing gaskets for oilfield equipment, LLP "Novus Sealing Caspian";
- service center for repair of pumping equipment, LLP "Flowserve";
- plant for the production of systems for infusion of infusion solutions and disposable gloves, LLP "Brando";
- plant for the production of chemicals for the oil industry, LLP "Rauan Nalco";
- construction of second stage of greenhouses and storage, LLP "AtyrauAgroServis";
- plant for the production of reed particleboard, LLP "Doszhan and Company";
- plant for the production of fish products, LLP "Atyrau Caspian Fish";
- expansion of the plant for production of syringes, LLP "Brando".

In 2012, 4 projects were implemented, totaling 15.1 billion tenge, 295 workplaces were created.
- Production of pasta, LLP "Spica-A".
- Reconstruction of the plant for the production of twine and sack tare, LLP "KasHim";
- North Caspian Environmental Response Base, TOO "TenizService";
- Poultry Farm, LLP "Atyrau Sauda".

In 2013, implementation of 7 projects was planned totaling $ 10.2 billion, with creation of 282 workplaces.
In the 1st half of 2013 1st project "Plant for the production of pipe fittings"was put into operation by Chevron MunaiGas Inc., cost of 6 bln tenge with creation of 75 workplaces.

It is planned to introduce another six projects totaling about 4.2 billion tenge, with the creation of 207 workplaces:
- plant for the production of sodium hypochlorite, LLP "Tuz";
- production of concrete blocks, FE "Selbaeva Sh";
- modernization of production (repairing service, and technical support with the use of directional drilling by telemetry systems), LLP "Zhigermunayservis";
- construction of a dairy farm for the production of milk and dairy products, "JV Pervomayski".
- production of goat milk and goat products, Farm"Rozmetov";
- modernization of production for processing oil sludge, LLP "Eco-Technics".

5 projects is planned to put into operation in 2014 totaling 15.2 billion tenge with the creation of1022 workplaces:
- construction of the center carload service "Eskene" LLP, "CVS" Eskene ";
- construction of modular housing factory, LLP «Alan building systems»;
- organization of building plant, LLP "BatysAlyansStroy";
- inventory sturgeon farm, SP "Farm «Caspian Royal Fish»;
- juice factory "Bai-Cola", LLP «SP Euro Salda».


In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 495 of December 19, 2007 Special Economic Zone "National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark" was established on the territory of Atyrau region. The FEZ is 3475.9 ha.

SEZ was established for:

- development and implementation of breakthrough investment projects to build and develop a world-class petrochemical plants for deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and producing a wide competitive petrochemical products with high added value;
- attracting investments in construction and integrated development of petrochemical industries on the basis of public-private partnership;
- construction of new interconnected, highly innovative and petrochemical industries;
- implementation of integration of Kazakhstan into the global petrochemicals production and marketing system, creating an innovative, competitive domestic petrochemical products in accordance with international standards (ISO);
- development and implementation of research and scientific and technological innovation projects to build and improve petrochemical production and treatment technologies, deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials;
- training and retraining for petrochemical plants in accordance with international standards.

Priority activities of FEZ include:

- construction and operation of the complexes, productions and world-class facilities for deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, comprising the steps of development of business plans, feasibility studies, design and estimate documentation, construction, installation and commissioning work to ensure the production base and Kazakhstan with high value-added petrochemical products, including reagents for the oil industry;
- formation of the modern high-tech infrastructure to ensure the efficient operation of petrochemical plants;
- development and implementation of marketing, research, science and technology projects and conduct feasibility work, development work on the creation and development of new innovative technologies and petrochemical industries;
- Training and retraining of technical specialists for the petrochemical industry by international standards.
Today on FEZ 31 enterprises is registered as participants.

Industrial Zones

To create the Industrial Zone (hereinafter - IZ) in the Atyrau region 2 (two) plots of land in the suburbs of the city of Atyrau is considered:

First location of the facility - East Industrial Zone, District Telecentre on highway Atyrau-Dossor from Atyrau-Aktobe railway’s side, with total area of 210.0 hectares. Land is at a distance of 12.5 km from the city.

Second location of the facility - West Industrial Area, district by the Black river on highway in Atyrau - Astrakhan, on the part of the railway Atyrau-Astrakhan with a total area of 250.0 hectares. Land is at a distance of 10.9 km from the city.

Nowadays financing of feasibility study and infrastructure of Industrial Zone is being worked out.

Industrial complex in Atyrau region presented by almost all sectors of the economy and is currently in Atyrau all the prerequisites for the organization of an industrial zone with domestic and foreign investors in order to promote the accelerated development of private enterprise in the region.