A competitive advantages of the Aktobe region

The main directions of social and economic development of the Aktyubinsk area on medium-term prospect are put in the Program of development of the territory of area and strategic plans.

The industrial look of region will be determined by further development of base industries : oil and gas industry, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. Large prospects are present in development of building industry, chemical industry, processing of agricultural produce, transport-logistic services.
In the first 5 years of the program of forced industrial-innovative development will be implemented hundreds of industrial and innovative facilities with a total investment of $ 1.5 billion tenge.
In metallurgy key projects will be construction of a new plant for production of high-carbon ferrochrome, metallurgical plant for the production of iron nuggets, plants for the production of copper cathode, nickel matte. In the chemical industry - is the production of compound fertilizers based Chilisai field and of potassium fertilizers in the potassium salt Zhilyankovskogo field.
The result will be tripled metallurgical products, doubled production in the chemical industry, with a corresponding increase in the export of metallurgical and chemical products.
No less large-scale projects will be implemented in other industries.
Thus, a quarter of the volume of industrial production in 2015 will be achieved through the introduction of new objects implemented within SPFIID.
The key instrument implementing the State program of Forced Industrial-Innovation Development of Kazakhstan of the program is Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan for 2010 - 2014 years.
The region had successfully completed the first year of SPFIID, in the first year of 24 projects with a total investment of 109.8 billion were commissioned . As a result, the volume of investment in fixed assets increased by 52.0 billion and amounted to KZT 364.5 billion, the volume index - 112.0%.
The largest projects in the mining industry: an underground mine-shaft on the field "Voskhod" where LTD “VOSKHOD ORIEL” uses the latest techniques underground development, allowing to increase productivity of labor by 3 times.
Aktobe Copper Company put into operation a beneficiation plant, which will allow to carry production of zinc concentrate.
АО "CNPC-Aktobemunaigas" commissioned three large object, allowing to increase the volume of oil refining and gas, as well as to solve the problems of ecological safety in the oil-producing regions.
АО "Aktyubrentgen" together with "GeneralElectricHealthcare" (USA) for the first time in the CIS implemented the project on production of modern computer tomographs on 16 slices.
LLP " Aktobe center" commissioned transport and logistics center, which is included in the general scheme of service of the international transit corridor " Western Europe - Western China " .
In 2011, 26 projects were commissioned, which are value 73.6 billion.
In March 2011 LLP " Aktyubstroyhimmontazh " plant for the production of polyethylene pipes was introduced with the participation of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev, this project is allowing to expand the range and assortment of products in the field of pipe products .
The first phase of LLP "KazCopper" was commissioned in 2011, the construction of mining and smelting complex for the production of 7 million tons per year of copper cathode at Benkalinskii field, that has no analogues in Kazakhstan.
And also, LLP " KazahOylAktobe " put into operation for waste gas from the fields " Alibekmola " and " Kozhasai ."
In 2012, 13 projects were commissioned for 4,530 million tenge
In the agriculture sphere the following projects were implemented " Breeding complex ", LLP " Aktep " - a total investment - 1,900 million tenge, capacity of 3000 tons of goals and “complex storage of perishable food products with innovative technologies - TOO "Seal INT" - total investments - 300 million tenge.
In the construction industry and the wood industry were built next factories: factory of concrete, with a capacity of 150 cubic meters per year, investment - 500 million tenge and plant for the production of artificial stone quartz LLP " Company Bekarys " capacity 84.0 square meters per year, the volume of investments - 228 million tenge.

In 2013 realization of important strategically major projects were continued, following 8 projects, 115,103 million tenge:
1) Company " Center of BVR " - Production of patronized and not patronized emulsion explosives, investment - 99.6 million tenge, capacity 5.0 tons per year
2) TOO " Aktobe plant of metal " Production of metal arched roof supports, investment - 250 million tenge , capacity - 8.4 tons per year
3) LLP " Stroydetal " - "The production of prestressed hollow core using technology of « Weiler » company. Investment volume of 740 million tenge, capacity 15.3 thousand cubic meters
4) JSC "TNK" Kazkhrom " Construction of a new plant in Aktobe of ferroalloy (workshop number 4) The volume of investments - 111 000 million tenge , capacity - 440.0 tons per year
5) LLP " Dairy stories " - "Reproducer for 3000 head of cattle ." The volume of investments is 2,600 million tenge.
6) LLP " Nika- 99 " - " Construction of the greenhouse complex on 2 hectares” investments - 193 million tenge, capacity - 100 tons per year.
7) "Aktobe Drilling Service" - "Production of foam concrete units ." Investment volume is 70 million tenge, capacity - 20.0 thousand cubic meters per year.
8) AF LLP " Agra " - " Plant for the production of energy-saving glass ." The volume of investments - 150 million tenge, capacity - 200.0 thousand sq.m. glass per year.

Implementation of investment projects and the introduction of new industries in the region will be the basis for a technological breakthrough and forced industrialization of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the Aktobe region by organizing the most favorable conditions for investors considering establishing in Aktobe Special Economic Zone for international multimodular trade and logistics center. Today foreign investors to invest profitably in the economy of our country and its regions. According to the World Bank, Kazakhstan ranks among the twenty countries most attractive for investment. Kazakhstan has made great strides in creating an enabling conditions for entrepreneurship.

- Map projects of industrialization (in the appendix)
-Industrial zone.

Industrial Zone in Aktobe region

Location: Kazakhstan, Aktobe, Promzone, 679
Square: 200 ha.
Will be created: 1323 jobs.
Current status:
Planning to locate next projects:
Production of float glass - 30 ha
Production of container glass - 27.5 ha
Production of composite materials - 5 ha
The remaining free area is 137.5 ha
Searching for the project investors.

The project aim:
to attract domestic and foreign investors to create modern industrial production enterprises in the Aktobe region .

The project objectives are:
1) to give to potential investors adapted lands ;
2) to provide all the necessary infrastructure - from communication networks to transport services;
3 ) minimization of time and money costs in administrative licensing procedures in organization of new industries.

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