Investment opportunities in the Zhambyl region

The investment climate

Area is on the first place in the country in terms of Chemical Industry.
Particular attention is given to improve the investment climate, to consider the best international practices, in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD.
Thus, in the current year OECD experts completed Investment Policy Review of Kazakhstan and developed 12 recommendations to improve the investment climate, 7 of them are key 5 - the work already being carried out actively.

7 key recommendations are: foreign investors access to land for agricultural purposes ; lowering barriers in certain sectors of the economy; flexibility requirements for local content , improving the practice of cooperation with international arbitrations ; legislation ensuring stability for investors in the manufacturing sector , improvement of tax and customs regime for investment , approaching the market principles of corporate governance in state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises ) .

Within the framework of the National Plan on attraction invsetitsii in 2013 Zhambyl exceeded the plan by the inflow of investments in fixed assets except non-oil sector investment from the state budget, and amounted to 1 286.0 million U.S. dollars, which in turn by 137.4% above the planned figure.

Indicators for local executive bodies on the inflow of investments into fixed capital except for non-oil sector investment from the state budget

Investment in non-oil sector, million. USA

The target indicators

Region of Kazakhstan





The ratio of fact to the planned target%

Zhambyl region


1 286,0


Investors are all conditions for favorable activities. For investment projects, investors can take advantage of investment the preferences and privileges in the form of exemption from of customs duties and receiving state natural grants, tax and industrial benefits that are provided in accordance with the Law "On investments".