Investment opportunities in the region of the South Kazakhstan region

The analysis of the economic potential of the region , which resulted in eight identified priority sectors : agriculture , food industry, light industry, building materials , pharmaceuticals , logistics, tourism and energy (agricultural chemistry and metallurgy also have potential for development in the long term ) .
Drawn up a map of promising projects and develop them in the context of rational distribution of districts and cities , taking into account the specialization of their economies.
To improve the investment climate and attract investment in the above priority sectors of the economy, regional akimat taken systematic measures
Thus, the necessary structural units of regional administrations that allowed to build an effective management system:

  • LLP "Shymkent Innovation". (May 2012) - the transfer of technology, the development of a green economy, promote innovation and support local innovators, as well as search and attraction of investors to the region;
  • LLP "Business Service Center" (November 2012) - reduction of administrative barriers for business and ensuring the availability of government support measures (there are branches in all parts of the economy);
  • Industrial Zones (in all districts and cities in the region with total area of 1256 ha) - increasing the investment attractiveness of the region and the creation of favorable conditions for investors;
  • Special Economic Zone "Ontustyk" - improving the investment attractiveness of the region and the development of light industry;
  • JSC "NC" SEC "Shymkent" - implementation of large strategic projects;
  • LLP "Regional Investment Center" Maximum "- SME financing projects in the region at a low interest rate;
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship (in all districts and cities) - Support for start-up entrepreneurs and start-up projects in all regions and cities of the region are open;
  • Training Centre - training and retraining of personnel for the implementation of investment projects in the framework of industry and government programs.