Investment opportunities in the North-Kazakhstan region

General information

North-Kazakhstan region was founded in 1936.
Its territory is 97.99 thousand kilometers, relative share of the republic’s territory is 3.6 per cent.
The population of the region as at the 1st of January of 2013 is 575.7 thousand people, or 3.4 per cent of the total population of the Republic.
The urban population is 239.2 thousand people, or 41.3 per cent, the rural population is 338.1 thousand people, or 58.7 per cent.

Geographical position

The region has favorable economic-geographical position relating to the developed regions of Russia. It borders with three regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Akmola, Kostanai and Pavlodar) and three regions of the Russian Federation (Omsk, Tumen and Kurgan).
The region’s centre Petropavlovsk is a large railway junction located on the Trans-Siberian highway, connecting West ports, as well as exits to Europe with ports of the East and exits to Asia. In addition, Petropavlovsk is connected by the Kazakhstan trunk-railway to all cities of the republic, with an exit to the Central Asian republics and China.

The city of Petropavlovsk is connected by highways both to capital Astana and other regional centers of the country, and cities of the Russian Federation, such as Omsk, Tyumen and Kurgan.

An airport, which has an international status, is located in Petropavlovsk. There are regular flights to Almaty and Astana.

The favorable geographical arrangement of the region assumes establishing the International transport and logistical center in Petropavlovsk. We invite our partners for joint implementation of this project.

Energy supply. In the region there is one of the most powerful thermal electric power stations, which generates 350 Megawatts of electricity. Thermal electric power station of Petropavlovsk provides electricity not only to consumers of the North-Kazakhstan region, but gives it out to the united energy system of the North Kazakhstan and to the Ural of the Russian Federation.

The main branches of economy are agriculture and industry (food and mechanical engineering). The products of North-Kazakhstan producers are exported to 10 countries of the world.

Existence of large mechanical engineering plants of the former defense complex provides an opportunity for arrangement of any kinds of machinery and electronic production and creation of joint ventures.

The North-Kazakhstan region is the main corn loft of the country. The region produces 30% of wheat in the Republic. Recently stock-breeding and poultry farming are developed. We are open for partnership in the construction of meat and milk commercial farms and reproducers, construction of the plants on feed production for livestock and poultry, enterprises on manufacture of leather and wool, enterprises of deep processing of potato and vegetables and others.

Mineral resources
Nearly all kinds of mineral resources are discovered and explored in the region. The perspectives of extension of mineral resources base like gold, silver, industrial and gem diamonds, non-ferrous and rare metals are quite significant. There are explored deposits of titan, zirconium, tin, uranium and tungsten in our region. Free stocks of quartz sand, building sand, stone, limestone, table salt, ceramic clay are available for extraction. We invite for partnership in development and exploitation of mineral deposits, production of plate glass and ceramic brick.