Investment opportunities in the Kyzylorda region

Western Europe – Western China

A key factor in the further development of our region should be road Western Europe - Western China, which as decrees of fate will be the reincarnation of the ancient Silk Way. With length more than 8 thous. km, ⅓ of which will pass through Kazakhstan, from them the longest part in more than 800 km will pass through our region. This road will become one of the world's key arterial freight traffic between the markets of China, Russia and Europe in the amount of 650 billion dollars a year and to give a powerful impetus to the comprehensive development of our region. In particular it is development of roadside service.

Within the general opportunities of region from the transport and logistic points of view, it is very important to note that the geographical arrangement of region is most favorable in the light of coverage of key industrial and economic regions of the Republic, and as dynamically developing countries of the neighboring countries. Thus, the area of Kyzylorda region covers 1,000 km to the markets of Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Shymkent and Tashkent. At distance of 1,000 to 2,000 km are oil and gas kingdom - Aktau and Atyrau, industrialized Kostanai and Pavlodar and several capitals, such as Ashgabat, Kabul and Tbilisi. The two most populous countries of the earth - China and India, one of the most advanced countries in the Middle East - Iran and Russia - immutable our partner and the largest country on the territory covered in a radius of 3,000 km. I.e. there is a fact - a favorable location of region allows us, at properly and accurately assigned priorities of development, to turn into a regional and world transport and logistic hub.

Alternative energy sources and green economy

The huge potential of region is hidden in the fields of renewable energy and "green" technologies. Thus, the territory of region annually receives 300 days of sunshine, 2700 hours of sunshine per year, which makes our region very attractive and profitable in the long term for development of solar energy. Interestingly, that no other region of the planet, which located on the same latitude and longitude cannot boast of such stocks of solar energy. Due to its geographical features some of the most powerful air streams on the planet across the region. The people even joke that the wind blows in Kyzylorda only twice a year: six months from east to west and six months - in the opposite direction. Windy energy is possible to cultivate together with solar, which is much more expedient in terms of cost optimization and potential enormous benefits and as one of options to shift from resource damnation.

The region also has opportunity to develop the direction of "green" economy. It is possible to give the rice economy as an example, equal to which isn't present in the republic. So, scientists counted that at one hectare of collected rice about 4 tons of waste materials - rice straw. If we consider that in 2012 the total area under rice plantation of region was 68.5 thousand ha, then with elementary mathematics it can clearly see that the most valuable raw material does not find a proper and economically very advantageous use of (a variant of final product: wood fiber boards, demand on which grows with big speed in China and EU countries).

Mineral resources base

Kyzylorda region has enormous potential mineral resources. Here concentrated 66% of off-balance reserves of vanadium, 20.1% - zinc, 13.1 % - uranium, 13.6% - of lead , 2.1% - oil, 1.5% - gas and 0.2 % condensate, 3.2 % - groundwater from whole Kazakhstan reserves.

Important minerals of region are hydrocarbon materials, non-ferrous metals, uranium, vanadium, salt and ground water. In addition, in the region there are a number of deposits of iron, titanium, phosphate, oil shale.

In region useful nonmetallic minerals are also widespread: brick loam, expanded clay raw materials, sand and gravel material, sand for construction and silicate products, building stone, limestone for lime production.

Development of left bank of Syrdarya river

Having inspired with grandiose success of our capital on development of a left bank of Ishim river, we set the ambitious purpose - complex and diversified development of the left bank of Syrdarya river. The preliminary master plan of construction for this purpose already made, funds are allocated for engineering-geological researches.

In order to develop the left bank of Syrdarya river, provided a plot of land with total area of 2220 hectares for creation of financial and business center and modern residential complexes, the master plan of construction is prepared. The left bank of Syrdarya river in future will spread on the territory equal to 11,000 hectares, which will include, besides the mentioned financial, business and residential zones, industrial and commercial mega -complex with plants and factories. In future the left bank will become the new center of the city, where there will be modern business centers, multi-storey buildings, entertainment centers and parks. Left bank of Kyzylorda will be the center of catalyzing, qualitatively new level of region development and will give tectonic effect in improvement of region’s image, in its transformation in a recognizable name - Brand Kyzylorda.

Given fact allows us to develop the construction industry and production of construction materials: lime, cement, glass, brick, expanded clay, etc.

Convenient geographical location of region allows us to come into the domestic market of country, so to the markets of the near and far abroad.