Investment opportunities in the Atyrau region

Kazakhstan progressively has been moving towards facilitation of the procedures, related to business development.

Evidence of a favorable business climate is an international rating of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation Doing Business, which allows to estimate the legislation related to the regulation of business and it is used in over 185 countries. According to the ranking in 2014 overall rankings on theease of doing business Kazakhstan ranks 50th place, including in terms of "Protecting Investors"22nd place, "Taxation" - 18th place, "Registration of companies" - 30th place.

Favorable business climate and political stability have contributed to a significant inflow of FDI in Kazakhstan since 2005, Kazakhstan has attracted FDI worth over U.S. $ 160 billion.

Customs Union of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus is opening market to investors with a capacity of 170 million people and combined GDP of 2 trillion USD.

Kazakhstan's competitive advantage is more favorable business environment in comparison with other countries of the Customs Union. According to the rating of the World Bank Doing Business 2013, Russian Federation and Belarus hold 112 and 58 places respectively, while Kazakhstan ranked 49th.

However, the available raw materials, transit potential of Atyrau region create conditions for long-term positioning in the field of international trade system as the region of placing export industries based on technology outsourcing and international industrial cooperation.

The total length of roads in the region is 2752 km., Including public roads 990 km of republican values, regional and district level 1,762 km.

Transport links with the regions of Russia and other regions of Kazakhstan provide roads, Samara (Russia)-Uralsk-Atyrau-Aktau-Kulsari, Orenburg (Russia)-Aktobe-Atyrau-Astrakhan (Russia), Dossor-Kulsari-Beyneu Atyrau-Uralsk Samara (Russia).
Through the region also passes the international automobile transit corridor Astrakhan - Atyrau - Aktau - Turkmenistan border, providing an output via Astrakhan - the international transport corridor Helsinki - Astrakhan, through Atyrau and Aktau - to the seaport of Aktau and further to the border with Turkmenistan.