Institutional and Financial Support

"Samruk-Kazyna" National Welfare Fund" JSC

National welfare fund is to provide maximum support to the Government of Kazakhstan, promptly solving the issues of investment attraction to industries, active work in the regions, strengthening inter-industry and inter-regional links.
The Fund’s main goal is to manage shares it owns in the national development institutes, national companies and other legal entities in order to maximize their long-term worth and increase competitiveness at international markets.
The Fund’s key activity is to contribute to modernization and diversification of the national economy, within the scope of State program of accelerated industrial-innovative development as well.

The Fund invests heavily into national economy and especially into priority sectors such as:

  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemicals, petrochemicals
  • Infrastructure.

The Fund’s subsidiaries:

«National managing holding «Baiterek» JSC

«NMH «Baiterek» JSC is the national managing holding with the primary objective to manage shares of stocks (shares of interests) of national development institutes, national companies and other legal entities owned under the right of ownership or transferred to for trust management.

The Holding was established with the purpose of optimization in the management system of development institutions, financial organizations and development of the national economy by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.571 of 22 May 2013.

One of the key tasks of the Holding is ensuring effective and mutually complementary operation of the group of companies included in it.

The Holding’s structure includes 11 subsidiaries:

- Development institutions providing finance, investment and export support to large projects and enterprises, implementation of State program for industrial and innovative development for2014-2019: Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, KazynaCapitalManagement JSC, Investment Fund of Kazakhstan JSC, KazExportGarant Insurance Corporation JSC and Center for State and Private Partnership Projects Support LLP.

“Kazakhstan Development Bank” JSC

JSC “Kazakhstan Development Bank” (KDB) is a state financial development institute that provides medium- and long-term financing of investment projects, leasing operations, and trade financing for export operations in priority sectors of the economy.
As of beginning of 2011 with the Bank’s financing 62 new and modernized production lines and infrastructure objects worth $3.3 billion with the Banks’ share of $1.6 billion were put into operation.


  • To promote sustainable development of the national economy through investments to non-energy sector of the country.


  • Leading operator of the country by assessment and structuring of large infrastructure and industrial projects for private sector and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • specialized development establishment, providing timely and sufficient financing of projects in industry and infrastructure;
  • financial establishment on providing best financing in the national currency;
  • one of the largest financial establishments of Kazakhstan by the amount of assets with recognized authority at international markets;
  • the major agent for raising long term and inexpensive funds and investments for corporative customers.


  • To improve and to raise efficiency of public investment activity, to develop industrial infrastructure and processing industry, to facilitate in raising external and internal investments to the economy of the country.


Raising direct investments to economy:

  • Credit ratings of the DBK: raising of «long» and «cheap» money;
  • Reliable partner: quality expertise and administrative support;
  • Significant experience: agent of state programs.

Kazakhstan Development Bank JSC

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Yessil region,
Orynbor street 10 (“Kazyna Tower” building)
Tel.: +7 (7172) 79 26 79
Fax: +7 (7172) 79 26 38

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050000, Almaty city
“Nurly Tau” business center, Al-Farabi 19, Bloc 1B, office 204.
Tel.: +7(7273) 110 470
Fax: +7 (7273) 110 470

"Kazakhstan Investment Fund" JSC

The Fund’s goal – contributing to implementation of industrial-innovative policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan by means of making and attracting investments to projects of perspective companies, rendering financial assistance to the private sector initiatives aimed at creating competitive manufacturing industries.
The main tool employed by the Fund is equity participation of investment recipient company.

The Fund’s aims:
1.Investment into equity capital of newly created and existing companies engaged in processing, producing competitive goods, and providing services to industrial companies;
2.Promotion of private investments into non-oil sectors of the economy by means of co-financing investment projects (equity financing) and participating in the respective projects management;
3. Contribution to increase in investment activity of Kazakhstani organizations abroad by co-financing investment projects outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan if the projects related to cooperation between domestic and foreign companies developing adjacent productions.

"Kazakhstan Investment Fund" JSC
050010, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Zenkova str. 80
Tel.: +7 (727) 2598 131, 2588 333
Fax: +7 (727) 2583 799

"National Agency for Technological Development" JSC

National Agency for Technological Development" Joint Stock Company (hereinafter – Agency) was founded with one hundred percent state participation in the share capital and Agency is the successor of "National Innovation Fund "JSC.
The agency was created to assist in the coordination process of innovation development and provision of government support measures.

Main activities:

  • Development of the commercialization system
  • Development of an effective innovation infrastructure
  • Administration of service tools designed to support innovation
  • Investment support for innovative projects
  • Promotion of innovation process

"National Agency for Technological Development" JSC
Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana
Dostyk Str. 18, "Moskow" business centre, floor #7
Tel.: +7 (7172) 571 012, 571 014, 571 018
Fax: +7 (7172) 517 021

JSC “Damu” Entrepreneurship development Fund”

The “Damu” Fund’s mission is to assist to high quality development of small and medium enterprises in Kazakhstan.
The main goals of “Damu” Fund are:
1) Contributing to increase in active enterprises and number of jobs by providing finances to all perspective SMEs;
2) Contributing to development of entrepreneurship in non-oil sectors of the economy;
3) Enhancing SME skills and involving people in entrepreneurship .

The main tools of “Damu” Fund for entrepreneurship are financing enterprises through second-tier banks, subsidizing interest rates, giving guarantees to banks, concessionary financing for leasing operations and microcredit institutions, as well as rendering non-financial support (training, consulting, information and analytical support).
“Damu” Fund is a main state institute for entrepreneurship development and has representative offices in all 14 regions of the country, in Almaty and Astana cities.

JSC “Damu” Entrepreneurship development Fund”
050004, Republic of Kazakhstan
Almaty, Gogol street, 111
Tel.: +7 (727) 244-55-66
Fax: +7 (727) 244-83-41

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC

Kazyna Capital Management is created with the aim of attracting foreign capital to establish direct investment funds, which will be source of funds for Kazakh companies. KCM encourages development of direct investments market and introduction of best practices of asset management in Kazakhstan.


  • Increase in investment activity of private domestic and foreign capital in non-oil sectors of the economy and creation of competitive productions;
  • Institutional development of direct investments market, industry of professional companies;
  • Systematic development of private-public partnership and infrastructure projects to reach the aims of state policy while considering private business interest.


  • Participating in state programs through equity capital of domestic and foreign funds and project companies;
  • Attracting largest institutional investors to Kazakhstan, and stimulation of domestic investors to co-finance non-oil sectors of the economy;
  • Involvement of leading experienced international organizations and managing companies with stable rate of return as strategic partners;
  • Selection the most attractive from Kazakhstan’s economy viewpoint foreign assets through equity capital of international investment funds and project companies.

At the moment Kazyna Capital Management is a shareholder in 9 investment funds: Aureos Central Asia Fund, Falah Growth Fund, Kazakhstan Growth Fund, Macquarie Renaissance Infrastructure Fund,CITIC Kazyna Investment Fund, ADM Kazakhstan Capital Restructuring Fund, Kazakhstan Hong Kong Development Fund, Wolfenson Capital Partners, Kazakh-Tajik direct investment fund.

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC
050020, Almaty, Dostyk avenue, 291/3а, 2 floor.
Tel: +7 (727) 334 1417
Fax: +7 (727) 334 1418

"KazExportGarant" Export-credit insurance corporation" JSC

JSC “Export-credit Insurance Corporation" KazExportGarant has the status of export-credit agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan and provides financial and insurance support for export enterprises of non-oil sectors of the economy in the following areas:

  • Export insurance of non-oil products and services;
  • Insurance of direct investment abroad;
  • Insurance of banking products (documentary credits and guarantees);
  • The provision of export trade financing by issuing conditional inputs;
  • Providing advisory services on foreign trade.

To increase the capacity of the domestic insurance market and the proportion of local content KazExportGarant also carries reinsurance services in the field of "general insurance".

"KazExportGarant" Export-credit insurance corporation" JSC
2nd floor, 80 Zenkova str., Almaty
Tel. +7 (727) 250 00 21

"Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute" JSC


Promotion of industrial-innovative development of the country through scientific and methodological informational and analytical support, practical recommendations for making decisions on industrial policy in Kazakhstan.

The main tasks:

  • research in the field of industrial policy, modernization and diversification of Kazakh enterprises, improving the competitiveness of manufacturing industries and innovation;
  • study of theoretical, methodological and practical issues of industrial development;
  • Study the economic factors of restructuring industries and the development of inter-sectoral cooperation, development of measures to stimulate and support the restructuring and inter-sectoral cooperation in the industry;
  • Development of techniques and practical guidance on assessment and monitoring of economic indicators of industrial development;
  • preparation of proposals for the integration of segments of industries in Kazakhstan in the global industrial and economic system, international cooperation in the sphere of industrial production;
  • preparation of proposals for optimal placement of industries, cluster development, creation of special economic and industrial zones;
  • forecast of major developments in industries.

Key products:

  • analytical reports, information and analysis, forecasts and surveys;
  • expert review of program documents, investment projects;
  • expert advice and expertise;
  • techniques, tutorials and other documents;
  • economic and mathematical models, databases, and monitoring the development of industry by sectors and regions;
  • organization of round tables, seminars and conferences.

"Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute" JSC
25 Syganak str., Astana,
Republic of Kazakhstan, 010 000
Tel: (7172) 79-64-60

“KazAgro” National management holding” JSC

The mission of the Holding is implementation of the state policy on stimulating industrial development of agro-industrial complex on principles of effectiveness, transparency and effective corporate management of the Holding’s structures.

Strategic directions of development
1. Stimulating labour productivity increase in agro-industrial complex through industrialization and diversification.
2. Participation in food security of the country by means of internal food market development and regulation.
3. Facilitation in development and implementation of export potential of agro-industrial complex.
4. Increase of corporate management quality and transparency of the Holding’s activities.

Investment and lending activities of the Holding:

  • Loans for spring-field and harvesting
  • Loans for purchase of agricultural and special machinery and equipment
  • Loans for purchase of farm animals
  • Loans for working capital and acquisition of fixed assets
  • Loans for construction, reconstruction and repair
  • Lending to create a network and expansion of existing dairy farms, poultry farms, greenhouses and vegetable stores
  • Loans for development of production of fruit, technical, and oilseed crops using drip irrigation
  • Loans for the establishment of production on the assembly of agricultural machinery
  • Loans for the development of forage production
  • Loans for creation a network of breeding farms, to create a network of cattle feedlots
  • Loans for creation meat-processing complex
  • Loans for creation a network of slaughterhouses
  • Loans for development of production and processing of fine wool
  • Lending to organize production of deep processing of grain
  • Loans for construction and modernization of grain storage
  • Loans for purchase, construction and operation of mini greenhouses
  • Loans to rural credit cooperatives
  • Loans to rural consumer cooperatives


“KazAgro” National management holding” JSC
24 Republic str., Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel.: +7 (7172) 70 56 20
Fax: +7 (7172) 70 56 89

JSC "National Agency for the Development of Local Content “NADLoC”

Purpose of the Company: creating the conditions for promotion of domestic goods, works and services in the domestic market.

Objectives of the Company are to:

  • Form and maintain the database of products, services, suppliers and providers;
  • Maintain information systems “Registry of goods, works and services used in mining” and “Registry of their suppliers and providers” and the Internet - Portal “Kazakhstan Local Content”;
  • Assist in conclusion of long-term contracts and development of promising and competitive products;
  • Provide information, analytical and advisory services regarding the local content;
  • Provide services to the Authorized Body in the field of public support to partially reimburse the costs of industrial innovation activities and promotion of products and services of industrial innovation facilities in the domestic market;
  • Implement experts’ assessment regarding the local content.

JSC "National Agency for the Development of Local Content “NADLoC”

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana,
Turan Str., 18, “Turan 18” Business Center, 4th floor, block “B”
Phone / fax: + 7 (7172) 79-95-15 (Reception)