Information about Centre services to investors of the North-Kazakhstan region

In accordance with the Decision of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 1596 from the 23rd of December 2011, on the 1st of September 2012 in the structure of the Social-Entrepreneurial corporation “Soltustik” Investors Service Centre was created (decision of the Board of Directors №31 dated from the 24th of August 2012).

Mission – to provide quality services for the support of foreign investors in the North Kazakhstan region.
Vision – the promotion of investment benefits and achievements of the region.
The main objective of the Centre is to attract direct foreign and domestic investments to the priority sectors of the economy.

Subject of activity:
1. Creating the most favorable conditions for enhancing business and investment activities;
2. Creating a positive image of the region an attractive investment ;
3. Finding and attracting foreign direct investment;
4. Support for investors in the pre-investment, active and post-investment stages (the principle of «one window »);
5. Organization of investment activities (forums, roundtables , road shows);
6. Information and analytical support;
7. The development of public- private partnerships.