Information on Investor Service Center of the Kostanai region

For the purpose of promotion of industrial and innovative development of the Kostanay region, new edition of the staff listing of JSC “SEC “Tobol” containing a new structural unit - the Center of investment attraction and innovation support” (hereinafter - the Center) - has been approved by Resolution No.4 of the Board of Directors of JSC “SEC “Tobol” dated March 30, 2012.

The Center is the front office for management of relationship with domestic and foreign investors, regional innovators and efficiency experts through rendering of a full range of services on the “one stop” basis.

Main objectives of the Center:

  • search for and analysis of innovative business ideas, support of implementation thereof until any funding decision is made;
  • attraction of direct foreign and domestic investments to the regional industrial and innovative projects;
  • rendering of operational and organizational services to the potential foreign and domestic investors.

Main functions of the Center:

  • organization of the search for innovative business ideas;
  • analysis of projects for compliance thereof with the state program documents on industrial and innovative development;
  • preparation of reports on the project implementation feasibility;
  • attraction of investors for the purpose of the project implementation;
  • participation in investment and economic activities of various levels;
  • holding of investment forums, business forums, exhibitions and other investment activities involving national and foreign parties;
  • rendering of services and support to the potential investors until any funding decision is made;
  • interaction with government authorities, development institutions, and other organizations in the course of rendering of assistance and support on the project implementation to the initiators of innovative business ideas and potential investors;
  • creation of the Database of investors and projects, etc.