The company "Funke Kunststoffe GmbH" ("Функе Кунстштоффе") is one of the leading manufacturers of pipes, fittings, engineering systems of plastic and plastic profiles in Western Europe.

In March 2012, was made a transfer of the plant for the production of window profiles to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The plant is equipped with advanced technological equipment and a laboratory from Germany, which allows to keep the production technology. The products produced in Kazakhstan are supplied not only to the Kazakhstan market but also to the markets of the CIS, the countries of the Customs Union, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

On how to build and develop business in Kazakhstan by a foreign investor, we talked with the General Director of the company "Funke Kunststoffe" Herlyain Egoru.

How long has the company been working in Kazakhstan?

On the Kazakhstan market, our company has been operating since 2010, and we have been producing our products in Astana since 2012.

How do you like working in Kazakhstan? Why did you choose Astana?

We have considered different options but finally realized that in Kazakhstan there is a favorable investment climate, with great prospects for our production. We appreciate the measures that are being taken to support and develop business.

Separately, I would like to thank the National Company KAZAKH INVEST for constant assistance in the implementation of the project Funke Kunststoffe GmbH and for assisting in organizing the necessary meetings and negotiations.

As for Astana, it is a modern, dynamically developing capital with a convenient geographical location, which allows to work on the market of Kazakhstan and Russia.

What percentage of production is exported?

At present, the export rate is about 40%. We export our products to Russian Federation: Russian Far East, Siberia, central Russia and the Ural region and the CIS markets.

Please share with us further plans. What are the prospects?

Our company plans to increase the volume of production of finished products, to adapt our window systems to the sharply continental climate. And also in plans to work closely with construction companies.

Much attention will be paid to logistics, that is, to provide the best service for our customers. And despite the high competition in the markets of Kazakhstan and Russia to retain German quality.

Thank you for that. We wish you success.