The Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan held two-day seminar dedicated to Designing of Safe Roads in Kazakhstan organized by the Ministry for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Current situation on safe roads in Kazakhstan, designing methods of safer roads, and innovations in the field of engineering were discussed in the course of the seminar.

Main topics of the seminar are the following: main causes of road accidents in Kazakhstan and designing of safe transport infrastructure.

Representatives of state bodies, NC “Kazautozhol”, JSC, “Stateexpertise” RSE, “Kazakhavtodor” RSE, Academy of law enforcement officials at the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Secretariat of Intergovernmental Commission TRACECA and the leading design organizations of Kazakhstan participated in this seminar.

The main speakers were international experts in the field of road safety Chamberlain Matthew and John White.  Experts delivered the presentation of an analysis of accident causes and proposals to reduce accidents on the roads. They analyzed new technologies earlier introduced and which are currently used and implemented on the roads of national importance.

The participants took part in an open discussion on the relationship between the regulations for the design, used road-building materials, structures and road safety.

The discussion resulted in collective decision on the analysis of applicable standards and regulations at the designing of roads and on forming of plan of actions by the Committee with the relevant state authorities to improve road safety activities.

During the seminar the experts gave practical recommendations to reduce accidents and road deaths.

Source: http://mid.gov.kz/en/news/designing-safe-roads-kazakhstan-seminar