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Agro-industrial complex

Why agriculture and food industry in Kazakhstan


Priority sectors in the agroindustrial complex

  • Provision of land resources for pastures and procurement of fodder for livestock.
  • The climatic conditions of the country make it possible to produce grain of solid wheat varieties that are in demand on the world market.
  • Increase in acreage and yield.
  • Creation of forage resources of cattle breeding.
  • The emergence of competitive national brands in processing.
  • Development of areas of premium and organic food products.
  • Geographical proximity to large agricultural markets in South-East Asia and China.
  • Growth of exports due to the growing demand in the countries of Asia and Africa.

Milk and dairy products

Fruits and vegetables


Deep processing of cereals

  • The main export markets for Kazakh flour are the Central Asian countries.
  • Kazakhstan is a site for both production and consumption of HFSS. Geographical location will reduce transportation costs when exporting these products to Russia and other countries in the region.
  • At the moment, there is no local production of HFSS in Kazakhstan.
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